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Buddy Jewell - Left At The Light (Chord)
Submitter: Shantel (5) on 8/21/03 2 comments
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Left At The Light - Buddy Jewell

I think this was on his first independent album that you can't buy 
anymore, but you can download it at Kazaa and probably other places.
Good song, check it out.

Intro: G  D  Am7  C (x2)

C                                 G
Heaven's been described as being paved with gold
C                                G   D/F#-Em
Others say it's just a state of mind
Em                                C            G/B-Am7
Some folks don't believe that it exists at all 
           Am7                               Dsus D
But if you ask me where it is and what it's like....I'd say it's

 G            D    Am7                  C 
Left at the light fourth house on the right
           G                   D                Am7           C   D
There's a big oak tree with a tire swing at the gates of paradise
            G            D              Am7           C 
There's an angel living there who's the answer to my prayers
Am7                   Dsus        G
Heaven's right there left at the light

G  D  Am7-G/B-C-D

      C                             G
Some preachers say the only way of getting there
C                                      G   D/F#-Em
Is going down the straight and narrow road    
     Em                              C            G/B-Am7
But every time I take that turn I'm Heaven bound
Am7                             Dsus D
And I don't even have to die to go.....I just turn


      Am7                   D           G
Yeah, Heaven's right there left at the light

Outro: G  D  Am7 C D  G

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
thank you so much you are my hero i owe you one this was the answer
i got from buddy when i email him to ask him


Yes, Buddy and Chris Waters wrote "Left At The Light". Buddy
currently does not have the sheet music available and is working
with SonyTree for on publishing rights. However, we can at least
share the lyrics with you.

God Bless.

Buddy Jewell Music

-WMPLRADIO | 8/21/2003
This is definitely one of my favorites from
Buddy Jewel. I can't believe this one hadn't
been rated yet. Excellent job!
-debeck | 1/31/2004
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