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Buddy Jewell - Sweet Southern Comfort (updated) (Chord)
Submitter: Shantel (11) on 11/8/03 39 comments
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Buddy Jewell - Sweet Southern Comfort
Album: Buddy Jewell
Writers: Rodney Clawson/Brad Crisler

palamino's version is very close but after seeing Buddy
play this on the Opry I wanted to add a few changes 

Intro: D  Bm7  G  A  D  Bm7  G 

        D            Bm7         
Misty sunrise in my hometown 
         D/F#             G 
Rows of cotton bout knee high
       D            Bm7
Mrs. Baker down the dirt road
           D/F#               G
Still got clothes out on the line
       D                  Bm7
Erwin Nichols there with Judge Lee
         D/F#           G 
Playin checkers at the gin
        D               Bm7
When I dream about the southland
         G            Em7
This is where it all begins

Chorus 1:
          D            Bm7
From Carolina down to Georgia
            G            Em7
Smell the jasmine and magnolia
        D           Bm7
Sleepy sweet home Alabama
           G   Em7
Roll tide roll
       D            Bm7
Muddy water, Misssissippi
          G                Em7   D
Blessed Graceland whispers to me
       Bm7       G
Carry on, carry on
                 A             D  Bm7  G
Sweet southern comfort carry on

          D             Bm7
Catchin' catfish on the river
         D/F#              G
Chasin' fireflies by the creek
         D             Bm7
Kissin' Gary Williams sister
        D/F#             G
On the porch home-coming week
           D                 Bm7
With rusty cars and weeping willows
       D/F#              G
Keepin watch out in the yard
        D                    Bm7
Just a snapshot of downhome Dixie
           G          Em7
Could be anywhere you are

Chorus 2:
        D           Bm7
In Carolina or in Georgia
      G               Em7
Open arms are waitin for ya
       D          Bm7            G   Em7
Louisianna yellow rose of San Antone
      D         Bm7
Arkansas, Mississippi
         G             Em7   D
Old man river whispers to me
       Bm7       G
Carry on, carry on
                 A            D  
Sweet southern comfort carry on

Instrumental: D  Bm7  G  Em7  D  Bm7  G

     D               Bm7
As I sit here I'm surrounded
           D/F#         G
By these priceless memories
         D             Bm7
I don't have to think about it
             G             Em7
There's no place I'd rather be

Chorus 3:
          D           Bm7
Than Carolina, or in Georgia
            G            Em7
Smell the jasmine and magnolia
        D           Bm7
Sleepy sweet home Alabama
           G   Em7
Roll tide roll
       D            Bm7
Muddy water, Misssissippi
          G                Em7   D
Blessed Graceland whispers to me
       Bm7       G
Carry on, carry on
                 A     D
Sweet southern comfort 
       Bm7       G
Carry on, carry on
                 A            D
Sweet southern comfort carry on

Outro: D  Bm7  G  Em7 (x2)  D

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
yea this is the way I originally had it tab'd before I had Larry
delete it, cause when listening to the studio version he's not
playing chords he does it out of the D, and we all know everything
is played differently when done live...hehehe

as always great job girl:)
-palamin0 | 11/8/2003
Amazing Shantel. Whenever I look for a new tab I'm always hoping you
tabbed it. Great song too. It's one of those songs that you just
listen to and it makes you feel good.
-seanlansang | 12/2/2003
Perfect tab. Shantel you never let us dowm! This is a GREAT song. Roll Tide!
-petunia | 12/5/2003
Good song. Roll Tide!
-gwm1985 | 12/11/2003
War Eagle! ...sorry, had to throw that in there
-mobz | 1/8/2004
great work as always.....SWEET HOME ALABAMA
-hopperman33 | 1/21/2004
Nice song, too bad it talks about that second rate Alabama school. WAR DAMN EAGLE!
-johnmro | 1/21/2004
Can someone come up with the banjo part for this one.
-wildberry | 2/4/2004
i think the radio edits songs, for example the person who said go
dawgs go, because i live in green bay and they say "go pack go"...a
little something the radio stations do to make you like the song even

-ermapoop | 2/9/2004
Actually, you're right, the radio stations edit the song when the
artist does an appearance, cuz it's always just a couple days after
the artist is in town that they have a "custom" line in some great
song... Like here in KC it's "Go Chiefs Go"...
Which is really the only one that matters...
-DaneNash1297 | 2/26/2004
i really think he should have put
Go VOLS Go myself bein from Tn, but
now i'm in Texas. But the Sweet Home Alabama
is ok. Keep'um comin!
-jabberjawz2004 | 3/12/2004
It is "go vols, go" in knoxville! that's what i thought is said the
whole time. can't believe ol' buddy would say anything else.
-pmalnati | 3/13/2004
Where's Virginia in this song??? Capital of the South and not one mention---too bad, great song

-collinsclan | 3/17/2004
I believe the Em7 should actually be an A7sus4 chord. Someone get back to me on this.
-jorma | 3/18/2004
Yep, in Oklahoma the song says "Sooners Roll". I wish I
could find an mp3 of that's MY favorite!
-nae76 | 3/18/2004
Great song!! Written just like it should be. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
-dh1909 | 4/15/2004
Sorry, I just wanted to toss in another Roll Tide Roll.
BTW, great tab, Shantel ;-)
-heyitskane | 4/24/2004
sounds great! if anybody knows the banjo that'd be awesome too!
-climbergirl | 4/30/2004
Here in Georgia it's "GO DAWGS, GO!"
-SpyderXJ | 5/8/2004
In Arkansas he says:
Woo Pig Sooie
Get right to me
Go Hogs Go

If anyone cares...LOL
-HighTechRedneck | 5/12/2004
You mean there's a Green Bay, Wisconsin version? That's blasphemy...
-briancain | 5/17/2004
San Francisco, California, Giants Go... oh, well - it's more personal that way.
-wa6mg | 5/19/2004
Shantel = the best. Roll Tide
-agnusdei | 5/31/2004
Yeah in Modesto on KAT Kountry they play the version that goes

All the way out
To Modesto
Raiders Go

Great tab, anybody care to show me a Bm7 though?

-blueguitar3377 | 6/10/2004

2 | * | * | *
| | | | * |
| | * | | |

barre at the second fret and use your middle
and ring finger for the 3rd and 4th frets.
You might want to see it like this, but i think
the way above is easier to see.


Btw, In Cincinnati, Ohio the second time he says Mississippi,
it's replaced with Cincinnati, and he says Go Reds instead of
roll tide roll once.
-youknowit | 6/28/2004
great tabbing, hey does anybody know the banjo tab for this song
-caidence | 7/1/2004
While I am a guitar rookie, I have to agree with Jorma on the
A7sus4 chord instead of Em7. The progrssion needs to resolve to
the V7. I'm hearing a I-vi7-IV-V7...This is close and great work though.

-jaxmeier | 7/5/2004
In Columbus, Ohio he says something like "Central Ohio, Buckeye Country."
But thats just like when Shania's song "That don't impress me much"
came out because they replaced the part that goes
"Who do you think you are, Brad Pitt?"
with a local d.j.'s name.
-eurooutlaw | 7/8/2004
In Kentucky he says "You can feel it, in Kentucky, Go Cats Go," which is how it should be.
I agree that the Em7 should be an A7sus4
-micah872003 | 7/12/2004
Does anyone know how you'd be able to do the picking for the intro of the song?? thanks
-Garzy | 7/21/2004
Well up here in MA we get the good old 'bama version. And that's good enough for me.
-willact723 | 8/11/2004
yea we have the same thing here in
Indiana. Its Says
All the way
To indiana
Pacers Gold
-rivercounty | 8/25/2004
GO Noles GO... He doesn't say anything about us Florida boys but he should have.
-red44dogg1 | 10/28/2004
Here in Kentucky it says go cats go.
-rebel225 | 12/3/2004
I think he says... playin checkers at the gym
-Steve333 | 3/2/2005
no i guess it is gin
-Steve333 | 3/2/2005
Just thought I would add one more to be represented...In Carolina its Go Panthers Go....which kinda sucks considering I pull for the Packers.
-CoyoteJoe | 6/30/2005
Hey guys, I just saw the guy who wrote this song play it live(Brad Chrisler). He is from a small town in north Alabama and his live version said ROLL TIDE ROLL.
-jlhurst55 | 7/27/2005
Roll Tide Roll.
-rsclfltts87 | 11/3/2005
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