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Butch Baker - That's What Her Memory Is For (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (78) on 11/22/14
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 1,796
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Thatís What Her Memory Is For
Butch Baker
Album: Single Only
Submitted by: Christopher R
November 22, 2014
Intro: (B) (B) (B) (B)

(B) I donít  to (B/A#)  hear a jukebox (B/G#) playing (B/F#)
(E) To make me (E/D#) sad enough to (C#m) cry
(F#) I donít want to hear the word forever
(E) Itís already (F#) turned into good(B)bye
I (B) know Iíve lost the (B/A#) love of a (B/G#)  lifetime (B/F#)
(E) It wonít ever (E/D#) be like be(C#m)fore
(F#) I donít need these heartaches to remind me
(E) Thatís what her (F#) memory is (B) for
  (E) Thatís what her (E/C#) memory is (E/D#) for (E/C#)
  She keeps the (B) past an open door
  (E) Nothingís gonna (E/C#)  hurt me any(E/D#)more (E/C#)
  Cause (C#m) thatís what her (F#) memory is (B) for

I donít need to see an empty closet
To realize half my world is gone
I donít need to turn and touch her pillow
To know Iíll be waking up alone
They tell me I should try to find a new love
I know itíll end before it starts
Iíve already got someone to hold me
Thatís what her memory is for

Repeat Chorus Twice
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