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Butch Baker - Wonderful Tonight (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (128) on 6/17/05
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 4,376
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Butch Baker
Album: We Will
1989, Polygram Records
Submitted by: christopher r.
11:48 PM 6/17/2005

Capo 4th Fret

Intro: (C) (G) (F) (G) 

(C) Itís late in the (G) evening
(F) Sheís wondering what (G) clothes to wear
(C) She puts on her (G) make up
(F) And brushes her (G) long blonde hair
(F) And then she (G) asks me
(C) Do I (C/B) look al(Am)right
And I say (F) yes, you look (G) wonderful to(C)night

(F) We go a (G) party
(F) And everyone (G) turns to see
(C) This beautiful (G) lady
(F) Thatís walking a(G)round with me
(F) And then she (G) asks me
(C) Do you (C/B) feel al(Am)right
And I say (F) yes, I feel (G) wonderful to(C)night

  I feel (F) wonderful
  Be(G)cause I see the (C) love light (C/B) in your (Am) eyes (Am/G)
  And the (F) wonder of it (G) all
  Is that you (Dm7) just donít real(G)ize
  How much I (C) love you

Guitar Solo

(C) Itís time to go (G) home now
(F) And Iíve got an aching (G) head
(C) So I give her the (G) car keys
(F) She helps me to (G) bed
(F) And then I (G) tell her
(C) As I (C/B) turn out the (Am) light
I say my (F) darling, you were (G) wonderful to(C)night (C/B) (Am)
(F) You were so (G) wonderful to(C)night (G) (F) (G) (C) (G) (F) (G) 
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