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Carl Smith - Time Changes Everything (Chord)
Album: Satisfaction Guaranteed (1996)
Submitter: bluerabbit10 (9) on 9/29/08
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(Tommy Duncan)
  '54 Red River Songs, BMI 

Carl Smith (Smith is the Name) 1957

Chords tabbed by:  Verne Garrison, Valley Park Mo
September 29, 2008

     D    D7         G                    D           G          D
There was a time when I thought of no other, and we sang our own love refrain
              G          G              D         A           D             
Our hearts beat as one, while we had our fun, but time changes everything
             G           D                      A             D
Time has passed I forgot you, mother nature does wonderful things
      D            G                  D             A         D
I guess that it's true for me, and for you, that time changes everything

( steel )
       D        G                D               A              D
You can change the name of an old song, rearrange it and make it swing
            G                D                     A                  D
I thought nothing could stop me from loving you but, time has changed everything
              D              G          D                   A       
Goodbye goodluck to you may God bless you, I won't say I'll ever love again
       G      D              D           G       A    D
You'll go your way, and I'll go mine, cause time changes everything. 
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