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Casey Donahew Band - Angel (Chord)
Album: Moving On (2009)
Submitter: txmusicplyr (0) on 9/10/09
Month Views: 4 | Total Views: 15,036
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Casey Donahew Band


Moving On

Capo 2


(Hammer on E string/G note)
 G        D       Cadd9    G     X 2

G             D
Her wings are broken

Cadd9         G
And she never prays

G           D
And that old halo

       Cadd9                G 
On her head has seen better days

G                D
And she knows hes watchin

    Cadd9     G
She feels him there

G                D
And it breaks her heart

            Cadd9                   G
to think the weight was too much to bare


            D           Cadd9    G
And she's an angel whos lost her way

         D          Cadd9   G
She's an angel from another day

She may be the devil

        G   G/F#  Em
Sent to lead me astray

                     Cadd9     D
But I think she's an angel

               G      D    Cadd9   G 
Thats lost her way

Shes got lines runnin up her arms
like an la freeway
I dropped her off at rehab seven times
but she just wont stay
She never climbed a mountain
but she's seen her share of snow
She got locked up in johnson county
for sellin pills and blow



Shes got three kids

Cadd9            G
That dont know her name

She sold her body 

            Cadd9            G
A couple of times to ease the pain

She wakes up screaming

   Cadd9         G
Her face full of fear

Shes only twenty-nine but she has

Cadd9         G
Age beyond her years


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