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Casey Donahew Band - Back Home In Texas (Chord)
Album: Lost Days (2006)
Submitter: txmusicplyr (4) on 1/18/07 2 comments
Month Views: 24 | Total Views: 17,727
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Casey Donahew Band

Back Home In Texas


B    F#    A     B

B    F#    E


B            F#            A       B
I went up to New York City, it's a yankee pity

B            F#                  E
Those crazy bastards dont have a clue

B            F#        A           B
Went down to Tennesee, Rocky Top I had to see

B          F#                         E
But I left there cause the corn won't grow

B              F#
I went down to New Orleans, 

A               B
Let me tell you bout that scene

B     F#               E
I got drunk on Bourbon Street


 B                   F#
And I've been up all night 

          A                B
Sippin on whiskey, drinkin beer

B            F#                    E
Back home in Texas, wouldnt live anywhere but here

B            F#                 A            B
Thinkin bout all those nights I spent so far away

B                    F#
But I'm back home in Texas

This is where I'm gonna stay

Solo (Repeat intro chords)


I went out to California, 
My friends I'll have to warn you
They got a kinky streak out there
And Las Vegas took all of my money
Didn't think that it was funny
I lost two grand but I got drunk
And Colorado's cold,
The snow it gets real old
It's hard to ski in cowboy boots


Solo (Intro Chords)


Oklahoma's near, its not home I fear
I've got a better view from the south
And Mexico's too hot,
Dont think that it's my spot
Never heard of Shiner Bock

Chorus  (X2)

MBerny04 at

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I think the F should be an F#, other wise good tab
-blairgreen | 5/27/2008
i noticed you were the only one to post anything by these guys. so do you know the hidden track that comes after this song if you just let the song keep playing through. it starts at about 4:52 on the track. thanks man.
-ehawk80 | 7/6/2008
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