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Casey Donahew Band - Breaks My Heart (Chord)
Album: Moving On (2009)
Submitter: txmusicplyr (5) on 9/2/09
Month Views: 23 | Total Views: 23,418
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Casey Donahew Band

"Breaks My Heart"

Moving On

Intro:  Am   C    G   D (X2)

Am     C
I said what the hell

G              D
I'm goin out tonight

Am         C                  G
Maybe head downtown with some friends

And turn out the lights

Am                C
Never dreamed I'd see you here

G                D
Out with someone new

Am              C
Its too late to break and run

      G                 D
And I cant believe were through


Cause it breaks my heart

           Em        C               D
To see you here with him out on that floor

             G                Em
Its just not fair what you're doin

         C             D
Tryin to settle up the score

                   G             Em
And tonights gonna hurt when Im dreaming

      C            D              G        Em
About you and that smile that you wore

              C             D
Its not about winning,

                           Am     C    G   D
But I cant take losing anymore

Its funny how time
Has a way of bringing pain around
And did you tell him
ThatIm the one that burned you down?
Its ok to ignore me
Pretend like you dont know
I probably deserve this all
But I pray to God that it dont show 




Em          C  
Well Im not sure how

Im supposed to watch you walk away

Em       C
You wont think of me

But I'll never forget today


Its not about winning
But I can't take losing anymore
No it's not about winning...

MBerny04 at 
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