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Cast Iron Filter - Gas Station Queen (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (362) on 9/24/03 1 comment
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 5,353
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Gas Station Queen 
By Cast Iron Filter

D  Bm  A  
D  G   A 

Well, she works in a place with a busted pump
      Bm                      A
And a sign that says beer off ice
And she drives a dump truck that she borrowed from her brother
     G                      A
With plates that read, "Big Guns"
And I'm always extra nice when I knock on her door
      Bm                          A
Cause he's tried to kill me three times before
      D                                   G    A
And I ain't to sure how much faster I can run

Well, I know she's smart cause she skipped a year
When she was working through beauty school
And she laughs and tells me jokes that we'll soon be rich 
While she's sitting on her Exxon stool
And I don't quite know what she's waiting for
She's got a big coat hanger and she needs a few more
To hold her hubcaps on when she hits the bumps by the pool

G              A                   Bm                   A      
And even after all these years who knows just what went wrong
G                 A                    Bm                 A      
I sit awake in my bed at night and put minor chords in my songs
G               A                         Bm               D
And each time I fill my tank, I'm looking up with hopes to see
       G     A                D
Sweet Alicia, the Gas Station Queen

The eleven rings on the ten of her fingers 
Make impressions in the wheel cause she grips so tight
I sitting in the back on top of the speakers
Cause the spring popped out the other seat last night
The salty sweet air at the end of the pier
A starry night and maybe one last beer
I'm laughing cause you make big dippers out of all the stars
Though there wasn't much more for me to warn her
When she said Dunkin' Donuts is a restaurant
Let's go somewhere, but we don't wanna go too far


I liked the sand that blew in my hair
You knew we never left the beach caused we smelled the air
Pulled up the waves to the water almost bonfires
Throwing shadows all along the coast
Some days I don't know quite who you are
You almost dropped me cold cause I drove a jap car
And your daddy didn't make it back home safe after the war
Now you whisper in my ear as you're squeezing me tight
"You ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?"
And I'm looking at a face I never have seen before

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
i get confused when it shows a verse but doesn't
show the chords with it- i know it says repeat for
verse 2 but i get mixed up on when to play the
right chords.
-blondie14 | 8/20/2004
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