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Cast Iron Filter - Highway 85 (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (362) on 10/16/04
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,884
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Highway 85 
By Cast Iron Filter
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

Capo 2

G                 Cadd9 
Headed out to California, 
G                               F
Trying to see if I can find the light
    F                    G        Cadd9
The light that shines on through
  G              Cadd9
I guess I should warned you
I feel outta mind, I'm outta sight, I'm outta sight for you
Didn't mean to be on the wrong side. 
  Em                 C
I guess I don't know where I've been
  D                          Em                 C
I ain't really one to deny I thought I lost you once again
Freeloadin', wheelin', dealin' 
Em               C 
It ain't sad but it's a shame
And all the things that I am feeling' 
  Em                  C
I hope you're feeling just the same

                  G               C
Won't you come on down on Highway 85
       C                         D
We can bring Big Jimmy and we'll kiss the sky
        G                         C
You can drive to Kentucky in your wheels and chrome
         C                             D  
And I'll try to make you feel like you felt back home
     G                  C
Your first name is your second name baby
        C                              D                 G
And you know that you'll always be the same to me till I die
  C       D     G D G  
Until the day I d-i-i-e

No, I can't believe that you don't think about me any more 
But I guess the time already came for you to leave 
Somebody tell me what the hell I'm waiting for 
But if it's alright with you it's cool with me 
We're going downtown tonight, the music's ringing in my ears 
You're dancing on my right side, but still the walls are closing in 
I'm sweating bullets baby, maybe I just need a drink 
I got the money that you gave me and you sure do look pretty in pink



Babe, I walked away so many times I can't count ‘em on my hands 
But, baby, you kissed me in the summer just for fun
And now the time is coming when you got another man
But baby, inside you know I'm thinking I'm the one 
Man, I wish that we were older, there's got to be a way somehow 
A little stronger, a little bolder, I'm straight up, how you like me now
A hundred million miles away from what we call our paradise 
But we don't need it anyway, cause I think each other will suffice


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