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Chely Wright - 10 Lb Heart (Chord)
Album: Let Me In (1997)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/19/01
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 2,556
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C  D7  F  G  C

People say I care too much 
I'm so emotional 
  F                  G                 C
A tender soul who's out of control 
I've been told a heart like mine 
Is truly valuable 
    F                     G                    C
Worth even more than diamonds and gold 

C       F                 Am
I'm overloaded with love 
C               Am
I've been saving up 
      F               C                D7
For someone else who can't get enough 
F      D7      G         C
I must have a 10 lb. heart


  F         C
A ton of devotion 
    F            C
And gallons of tears 
     F                  C
An old flame still burning 
Am             F
From my 19th year 
  F                 C
Exploding with passion 
    F                C 
And raging romance
 F            C                        Am          F
Urging me constantly to take one more chance 
   F           C                        D7
And let this love inside of me start 
 F        D7            G        C
Flowing from my 10 lb. heart 

I need someone adventurous 
This is serious 
     F            G             C 
The timid hearted need not apply 
Faithful and available 
With some experience 
    F              G           C
In handling a heavy desire 

     C                         Am
So now if I've described you 
    C                           Am
And you need someone who
       F                        C                             D7
Can share your dreams and make them come true 
F       D7        G          C 
Look inside my 10 lb. heart 

Repeat Chorus Twice

          F                         C                       D7
Please won't you help this love inside of me start
F         D7            G           C
Flowing from this 10 lb. heart  
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