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Chely Wright - Horoscope (Chord)
Album: Never Love You Enough (2001)
Submitter: Shantel (30) on 9/2/02
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 2,739
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**Capo 2 for the recorded key**

Intro: (D)  (A)  (Bm) (G)  (4 times)

(D)             (A)             (Bm)   (G)
Every morning as I start my day
(D)             (A)               (Bm)   (G)
I stop off at Ernie's corner stand
(D)                        (A)             (Bm)   (G)
He sees me comin' from a half a block away
(D)                    (A)            (Bm)   (G)
He's got my mornin' paper in his hand 
(Em)                    (D)                 (A)
He probably thinks I read it for the headlines
(D)                  (A)                (G)
Just another never-get-enough news junkie
(Em)                (D)            (A)
But I round that corner and in no time
Life section D's in hand
The rest is in a garbage can 

(D)   (A)                (Bm)       
I--- still read your horoscope
     (Em)   (D)               (A)
Cause I--- can't seem to give up hope
(D)           (A)                  (Bm)      (G)
I've got to see what's up with Scorpio
(Em)               (D)            (A)
Between that and Capricorn maybe I'll know
What you're goin' through
     (C)          (G)
What I should do
Have you found someone new
        (C)     (G)
Are you going to

(D)  	    	      (A)                (Bm)   (G)
Today it said that someone from your past
(D)                (A)              (Bm)   (G) 
Would give you a call so well, "hi"
(D)  	    	       (A)               (Bm)   (G)
And if you feel old feelings comin' back
(D)            (A)                 (Bm)    (G)
Don't be surprised it said you might
(Em)          (D)                  (A)
I know you probably think I'm crazy
(D)                     (A)                   (G)
Puttin' stock in the stars and the constellations
(Em)             (D)               (A)
Ooh but ever since I lost you baby
It's the only thing that I can do
To feel like I'm keepin' up with you 


CHORUS (first half repeats to fade)

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