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Chris Knight - A Train Not Running (Chord)
Album: The Jealous Kind (2003)
Submitter: lmofle (333) on 10/11/03 4 comments
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A Train Not Running
By Chris Knight
Written By Chris Knight/Stacy Dean Campbell 
CD  The Jealous Kind

The sound of a train not running 
         Em          G
Has been keeping me awake 
The Westmoreland mine ain't run much coal 
     Em         Cadd9
Since back in '88 
Got on at the sawmill 
                Em             G
But I've got to find a better way 
Or the sound of a train not running 
         Cadd9      G
Is gonna carry me away 

And every time you look at me, Mary 
C                  G
I want to tell you someday 
We'll leave the sound of a train not running 
Cadd9             G
A thousand miles away 

I don't want to risk my freedom 
        Em               G 
Growing crops on company land 
But it'd be a damned sight better 
                  Em          Cadd9
Than a government check in my hand 

I used to bring home good money 

You used to drive a decent car 

But now we go to town on Saturday 

It seems a little too far


Now some nights when our baby cries 
  Em               G
I feel a twinge of fear 
When the sound of a train not running 
Cadd9               G
Is the only thing I hear 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
pssst, i think some people are looking for the picking pattern to
this song, lol
-canadian_cowboy | 9/3/2004
Not sure of the correct way but this ain't key
-juniorjames81 | 10/23/2004
Try these chords with no capo it sounds a bit better

-Drop_D_Blues | 2/25/2005
I know the pick pattern comment is old but, the question could still arise. It is a "6-2-3-1" pattern. You just have to play with it. I've heard Chris play this tune in a few different recordings. He never plays it the exact same way in each.

-1096cop | 1/19/2011
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