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Chris Knight - Another Dollar (Chord)
Album: Heart of Stone (2008)
Submitter: darcylandry (4) on 10/25/08 3 comments
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 11,516
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Another Dollar
Chris Knight
Album: Heart Of Stone

CAPO 3rd Fret

Intro:D,G  D,G,A

I use to know a man. He was happy all the time
If you needed some help. He'd give you his last dime
But I'm as child of the times. That don't work for me
             G                           A           D,G,A
Cause when I walk into the store. I want everthing I see

Everybody says that if you want to get ahead 
If you want to be happy. Got to make some more bread
I don't know if that's right. Don't know what I believe
          G                     A     D                     
Cause the more money I got. The more I need

Another day another dollar
Another day more money's all that matters
      D                      G
Every day you hear me holler
            D                                 G     D,G,A
I need some cash in my pocket to make me feel better

I wonder how I'd feel. If I gave half my pay
To the poor I see standing on the street everyday
Well I think about it some, but not that much
See I just ain't got the time. Too busy chasing a buck



  G(single strum)            D(single strum)
I walk through this world of loneliness and greed
           G(single strum)         D(single strum)
I'll never make enough money to get me what I need
      G(single strum)     D(single strum)
If it can't buy love and can't buy peace of mind
       G(single strum)
Then I guess a million bucks ain't worth a poor man's dime

CHORUS x2 D,G until fade.

This one wasn't easy! As usual
comments and suggestions welcomed. 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
needs a little work...but good.
-petstupid | 10/26/2008
Thanks for the suggestions petstupid. I've made a couple of corrections.
-darcylandry | 10/26/2008
good job! you can get your sound real close by playin it in drop d...
-rnajera | 7/25/2009
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