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Chris Knight - Crooked Road (Chord)
Album: Heart of Stone (2008)
Submitter: cstav86 (0) on 2/25/08 5 comments
Month Views: 24 | Total Views: 15,718
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Chris Knight  Damn This Crooked Road

G                       Cadd9       D
When I was 16 took me a 15 year old wife
D                              Cadd9               G
I guess Ive been a working man just about all my life
G                           Cadd9           D
Like my daddy before me Ive done the best I could
D                                  Cadd9           G
Somehow things turned out a little worse than they should

Logan West Virginia is a hundred mile behind
Coal mines took my boys life and my Janies piece of mind
All I know is back in Logan I aint never been that smart
But I know I had to leave there to heal my Janies heart
Walk Up   Cadd9
Damn these hard times
Damn the coal mines
G                         Cadd9
Damn the good dreams gone cold
G               D                 G
While im at it, damn this crooked road

Me and Janie worked hard to get our children grown
Junior was our first born and he gut us to the bone
We learned long ago that you dont doubt the good lords plans
But some things is hard to take lord we just tryin to understand


Theres a big blue ocean about 300 mile
Sun on the water just might make my Janie smile
Light in her eyes is worth more to me to me than gold
Hope runs straight line right down this mountain road

Damn these hard times
Damn these coal mines
Damn the good dreams gone cold
While im at it, damn this crooked road
While im at it, damn this crooked road
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
where did you hear it?
-petstupid | 6/9/2008
he hasn't released it yet, but has played it a number of times at his live shows
-cstav86 | 6/10/2008
these lyrics are the way I heard him play it live
-cstav86 | 8/27/2008
I saw him live in Raliegh as a duet. He finger picks this much in the style of here comes the rain. Great song. There were some guys talking in the back of the room (small venue) and he stopped in the middle of the song, and told them to take the frat party outside, he was trying to sing....THey whoo hooed him. He stared them down and said, dont woo hoo me boy, I'll comd down there and stomp you... He was as serious as the day is long. That was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen at a live show.
-dakkotabass | 9/14/2008
tune down 1/2 step to play with cd...
-petstupid | 10/17/2008
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