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Chris LeDoux - 8 Second Ride (Chord)
Submitter: redneck Cowboy (1) on 5/5/04 4 comments
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Intro: E   G* E    G* E    G* A    G* E  (x2)

Verse 1.

E               G
Rollin' down a long highway
A                        G
Out through New Mexico
E                  G
Driftin' down to Santa Fe
           A                G
To ride a bull in a rodeo
E                  G
He's hooked on a feelin
A                             G
Addicted to a natural high
E                       G
Don't know why its appealin
All he knows is he's got to ride

C        D         E
Hes addicted to danger
C            D          E
Ruled by passion and pride
    C        D              E
To pain and fear hes no stranger
         C                  D
But his lust needs to be satisfied
C            D         E       (repeat intro)
Hooked on an 8 second ride

Verse 2.
E                     G
Getting hooked up in back of the chutes
A                       G
Makes the rosin burn 
E                          G
Hes got his spurs on the heels of his boots
           A                  G
Hes at the point of no return
E                    G
Climbin' over that shoot gate
A                        G
He settles down inside
E                 G
The tensions risin

But he cant wait
untill they turn that bull outside

(Repeat Chorus)
A                      E
Hooked on an 8 second ride
A                      E
Hooked on an 8 second ride

(*)  One down stroke
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Sweet tab how's about the Solo?

-tabfan#1 | 1/27/2005
Definitely the right chords but something doesn't sound right when I play it. I can't quite figure it out. Any ideas?
-tpmadden | 3/6/2009
maybe try it with drop d tuning????
-cowboy_trampas | 1/4/2010
I must be honest, there are better notations out there for this song. It uses bar chords for chorus, and there is no G chord at the end of each verse. Simple A or E strum once, let ring.
-Bad_Voodoo | 10/9/2016
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