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Chris LeDoux - Billy The Kid (Chord)
Submitter: Frode (4) on 3/21/02 4 comments
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(Am)In the southern part of Texas, east and (G)west of El Paso

Where the mighty Franklin Mountains guard the (Am)trail to Mexico.

Thereís a new made widow cryiní and a (G)hurse a-rolliní slow,

And I (Em)guess that Devilís passed this way a(Am)gain.

(Am)Thereís a lathered sorrel stallion runniní (G)through the Joshua Trees,

A young man in the saddle with his (Am)coat tails in the breeze.

Got a six gun on his right hip and a (G)rifle at his knee,

And heís (Em)dealiní in a game that he canít (Am)win.


(Am)Poor Billy Bonney, youíre (G)only twenty-one,

Pat Garrettís got your name on every (Am)bullet in his gun.

Each notch you carved on your six-gunís got a (G)bloody tale to tell

Well, youíre a mile ahead of Garrett and a (Em)step outside of (Am)hell.

(Am)Them fancy clothes youíre weariní and the (G)women in your bed,

Canít take away the faces of the (Am)men that you left dead.

As you ride across the badlands with a (G)price upon your head,

(Em)Now that wheel or fortune starts to (Am)turn.

(Am)Your reputationís grown till itís the (G)biggest in the land,

And there ainít a lot of people left who (Am)wanna call your hand.

And I guess youíll go down shootiní just (G)like all brand of men,

And when you (Em)shake hands with the Devil you get (Am)burned.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
im sure in hell glad that someone has tabed this song it is very much
-billychuck | 3/11/2003
Can you tab the chords in the instrumental break? Good tab though!
-debeck | 1/19/2004
This is not finished, I wasted a visit to this site, no chords, no words
either, needs to be completed.
-kabloona | 11/8/2002
I have one very minor disagreement with this, and it's not the chords. You made one tiny mistake in the lyrics. Instead of "I guess you'll go down shooting just like all brand of men" it should be "Just like all branded men." Like I said, very minor. Good job on every thing else.
-tpmadden | 3/5/2009
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