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Chris Wall - Turns To Tears (corrected) (Chord)
Album: Tainted Angel (1998)
Submitter: rawood (2) on 10/19/03
Month Views: 13 | Total Views: 4,414
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CD - Brewed in Texas

Were you see / strum once

Intro - / A / G / D   A   D

                                      G             D
I guess itís widely known by now that Iím a drinkiní man
                                         E              A
Iíve hoisted stuff in ol tin cups and in bottles and in cans
D                                  G            D
Whatever they are serving lord, it rarely fazes me
                                  A            D
But that number seven bourbon, it still amazes me

    G              D                Bm                   G
One shot íill warm soul, loose your tongue and ease your fears 
             D                    A                D
But ainít it strange the way Jack Daniels turns to tears?

                               G             D
Now wine makes me romantic but then I fall asleep
                                 E                   A
And although the dreams are fine memories just wonít keep
D                          G                  D
Gin only appeases me and I just get lies from beer
                             A              D
Champagne only teases me but whiskeys so sincere


Solo -  Play verse

D                                           G              D
Thereís somethiní in that witchís brew that makes my heart react
                                     E                   A
Sometimes I even wish that, that old shrew would take me back
D                                      G              D
Well I been known to slur my words but darliní thatís ok
                                   A                  D
When Iíve had this much to drink I donít have much to say


/ A / G             D                    A                D        
           Ainít it strange the way Jack Daniels turns to tears?

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