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Christian Kane - Thinking Of You (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (378) on 7/24/10 4 comments
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Thinking Of You
By Christian Kane
Tabbed Bt Larry Mofle

Capo 1 

Drop D tuning

Dm  C  Dm  C

Well I know they say all goods things 
Must come to some kinda of endin'
        Dm                                    C
We were so damn good, I guess we never stood a chance
Gonna find what you've been missin'
When that highways tired of listenin'
       Bb              B/A       F  G
You'll see I'm not that easy to forget

When a new moon shines through your window
Or you hear a sad song on the radio
        Dm                                   C
And you don't know why you but just start to cry
Or your driving 'round on a sunny day
And outta nowhere comes the pouring rain
       Bb                                F  G
Then a memory hits you right out of the blue
           F  G             Dm   
Thats just me thinking of you

I'm not gonna try to stop you
Don't mean that I don't want too
If I know you, you've already made up your mind
So go on and go with your rebelieving
Put a million miles between us
But you still feel me like I'm right there at your side


Dm                                  Dm/E 
And I'm thinkin about the road your on
I'm thinkin about you coming home
                              C G
I'm wondering if you got your radio on

When you find your way to another town
And someone tries to lay it down
And a feelin hits you right out of the bl-u-u-ue
Its just me thinking of you
Thats just me thinking of you 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Wow. spot on. Great job!
-redinfinity | 7/26/2010
Not even in the same key. Could somebody solve this little mistery and post it right, please?

-spaceboy68 | 8/4/2010
Sorry, that sounded harsh to the tabber, my apoligiies. What I mean to say is that you can't play along with the song because it appears to be in a different key or maybe the guitar is tuned down. Also, if you look at the begginning of the episode, the girl sings the same song in E tuning and the guy is playing Am and then G (as an fmaj on the 3rd fret) for the intro. I'm really trying to get this song and I'd really appreciate if somebody could please help. There, that's what I meant. Peace.
-spaceboy68 | 8/4/2010
I went back and listened to the video and you were right - I was off by quite a bit! I modified the tab so it reflects the video chords that I am hearing - hope this is close enough for you...
-lmofle | 8/7/2010
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