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Cledus T Judd - Breath (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (77) on 7/17/05
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parody of "Breathe" by Lamar/Bentley
new lyrics by Judd/Clark/Carter
from the album "Cledus Envy"
tabbed 7/17/05
Thanks to Shantel for the great chords.   First time I heard this song, it was at a Cledus
concert.   A newlywed couple in the audience had asked him to play "She's Inflatable," but
he said he doesn't do that tune in concert.   So instead, he debuted this song, dedicating
it to them.   How sweet.

INTRO:  Am  G/B  C  G/B      Am  G/B  C

Am              G/B             C        G/B
I can smell the onions floating in the air
Am          G/B             C
Must be something that you ate
Am         G/B             C        G/B
I can't imagine how your mouth must taste
Am         Am7        D
Forgive me if I turn away

The slightest whiff just brings me to my knees
Almost pass out in your arms
I need a gas mask everytime that you come near
And the hallitosis starts

                  G                         Am
I can smell your breath, it's chokin' me to death 
                  C      CaddG   D
The only one who doesn't know is you
                    G                       Am                 C       D7
Here's some gum to chew, oh baby there's no way you're kissin' me
                     G                   Am
What'd ya have for lunch, don't ya ever brush 
        C              G           Am              Am7   D
Baby a Menoca blast or two's what I'd suggest
                    Am   G/B  C  G/B
I can smell your breath
Bad breath

G  Am  C  D7  (2x)

It's tough to be there when you're waking up
And that green cloud fills up the room
It's worser than it's ever been before and I know and you know (and everybody in a 3 mile radius knows)
You should see a dentist soon


'Cause I can smell your breath, it's gaggin' me to death
Somethin' musta died inside of you
What you oughta do is chase a cert or two with listerine
Even when you're gone the odor lingers on
I'm buyin' you an Oral-B and a jumbo tube of Crest
'Cause I can smell your breath
      Am  G/B  C  D
Bad breath

Am                  G/B                  C        G/B
Can't you smell the funk that's floating in the air
Am        G/B               C      Cadd9   C
Must be something that you ate 
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