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Clint Black - Ode to Chet (Chord)
Album: Nothin' But the Taillights (1997)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 11/5/01 2 comments
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 3,970
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Key of E, C

Intro (Pickin' Style)

| E \ A7 \ | E \ B7 \ | E \ A7 \ | E B7 E \ |

Verse 1

E                                A7
When I bought this guitar it had brand new strings
E               B7
brand new strap all those things
E                   A7
brand new pick both thumb and flat
E                  B7          E
all the elementary things like that

Verse 2

E                             A7
I went ahead and took it everywhere I went
E                               B7
couldn't count the hours that I must've spent
  E                                A7
I heard the girl was lookin' for a guitar man
       E            B7    E
I'll ablidge her anyway I can

       A             G#m
'cause I can win her over
     F#m           E
like Romeo did Juliet
   A          G#m
If I can only show her
      F#                                     B
I can learn to pick that Figato(?) lick like Chet


| E \ A7 \ | E \ B7 \ | E \ A7 \ | E B7 E \ |

Verse 3

E                               A7
It'll take more than Mel Bay 1, 2, & 3
       E                     B7
If I'm ever gonna play like CGP(?)
   E                           A7
My legato is staccato but what I don't fret
   E                      B7      E
is droppin' any note that I don't get

Repeat Chorus


| E \ A7 \ | E \ B7 \ | E \ A7 \ | E B7 E \ |

Repeat Chorus

Modulate to Key of C


| C \ F7 \ | C \ G7 \ | C \ F7 \ | C G7 C \ |

Modulate to Key of E


| E \ A7 \ | E \ B7 \ | E \ A7 \ | E B7 E \ |
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Hey this is a great song and a great chord but does anyone know the tab for this song I have been looking for a long time and cant find it.....Great chord!

-Jeremy9009 | 5/12/2004
Its Leagto in the Chorus, not Fegato? Its music lingo, means played flowingly or smoothly, or the opposite of stacatto which means played abrubtly or cut off very sharply.
(sorry if my Italian isn't spelled perfectly)
-capdrillman | 1/9/2006
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