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Cody Jinks and his Tonedeaf Hippies - We're Gonna Dance (Chord)
Album: Adobe sessions (2015)
Submitter: bmanor88 (1) on 2/1/16
Month Views: 52 | Total Views: 17,215
Moderator: Greg16 | Report This Song?
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Video I used

Intro Chords (same as chorus) 

D Asus2 Em D/F# G (x2)

So, the main bit is these chords. The D/F# that I type I'm just 
representing a walk (0-2-3) up from Em to G. You can play either 
the whole chord (in parentheses) or just the 2 (F#) on the E string. 

He also does a little (0-2) hammer on the D chord on the G string.

   D   Asus2  Em    G

D                                    D 
I've been gone for way too long, and I've been working way too hard
      G                              D
And I know, it's taking it's toll on you
D                                   D
But tonight I'll make things right, by the fire with some candlelight
    G                               D
And I'll tell you, what we're gonna do

Pre Chorus
          Em                     G                  Asus2
We're not going out, we're gonna stay right here at home
            Em                G                      Asus2
there won't be anyone in the world... when we're all alone

We're gonna 
        D       Asus2             Em   D/F#       G 
 	 Lay the worries back and love until we're back on track
        D         Asus2                 Em    D/F#       G
 	 If you'll just give me this chance
        D              Asus2           Em         D/F#       G 
 	 Move the couch, lock the door, socks move well on a hardwood floor
     D     Asus2                 Em  D/F#  G                D (to intro)
 	          And we're gonna dance..      we're gonna dance

Intro Chords twice

D                                   D                                G
The rush of life can get you down, if you let it, it runs you to the ground
But that's just life

Pre Chorus


End with chorus chords and "We're gonna dance" out. 

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