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Cole Swindell - Chillin' It (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (0) on 9/16/13 3 comments
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Chillin' It
Written & Recorded by Cole Swindell

(Capo on 2)

I got my (C)shades on top back (G)rolling with the music jacked
(D)One on the wheel, one a-(Em)round you baby --- |(C)(G)|(D) |

(C) Little sun left to (G)burn in the blue sky
(D) Shinin' off the cross hangin' (Em)from the mir-(D)ror of my ride
(C) Breeze blowing in, (G) your hair blowing round
(D) You're scanning through the stations, (Em)looking for that (D)country sound
(C) The good stuff iced (G)up in the back seat
(D) Nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

I got my (C)shades on top back (G)rolling with the music, jacked
(D)One on the wheel, one a-(Em)round you (D)baby
(C)Sunset, I bet (G)there's a chance we can get
(D)Sure enough, tangled up, and (Em)laid back and (D)lazy
(C)Pour it on easy (G)now, don't spill a bit!
(D) Nothing but time tonight, (Em)let's get to (D)killing it!
(C)Long as I'm rocking with (G)you, girl, you know I'm (D)cool with, just chillin' it!

Solo:  |(C)(G)|(D) |

(C) Nothing but two lane (G)country on up ahead
(D) Girl, you so fine, I wouldn't (Em)mind if this is (D)all we did
(C) You got me high on kisses, (G) you got me missing signs
(D) Hard looking left when my world is on my right

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(C)(G)|(D) / (Em)(D)|(C)(G)|(D) |

(C) Nothing like a little (G)you and me low key, 
(D) Right now I'm right where I wanna be

Repeat Chorus

(C) (G) Yeah, I love rocking with (D)you and girl, (Em)we're just (D)chillin' it!

Outro.:  |(C)(G)|(D) / (Em)(D)|(C)(G)|(D) -----
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Can anyone do it WITHOUT a capo for once????
-jet7719 | 8/10/2014
Change the chords as follows.
(C) to (E)
(G) to (B)
(D) to (F#)
(Em) to (G#m)

-Koichi Kondo | 8/10/2014
Thanks man
-jet7719 | 8/13/2014
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