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Collin Raye - I Can Still Feel You (Chord)
Album: The Walls Came Down (1998)
Submitter: jca4jc (0) on 10/13/01 1 comment
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Intro:  E E C#m B, A E B(hold)

          E-E             E-E
It's that feeling, that someone
   C#m-C#m      B-B
Is standing,    behind me
   A-A     E-E                B-B    B-B
And I turn around and there's no one there
    E-E           E-E
And it's the,  sensation
     C#m-C#m        B-B
That someone,  just whispered
         A-A               E-E                  B-B    B-B
Yeah and I still hear your voice but you're not really here
     F#m              Abm
Your memory is like a ghost
    A                B
And my heart is it's host

      A                        B
I can still feel you,  just as close as skin
Every now and then
    A               B                   C#m
All by myself, in a crowded room, on my empty bed
There's a place you've touched
Abm             C#m               A(hold)
With your love, no one gets close to
      E(building)           F#m                   A                     E
C#m  B, A  E  B(hold)
I can still feel you, I can still feel you, I can still feel you, I can
still feel you
F#m A            E                         F#m        A  E (end)
(last time only) Oh, I can still feel you, y-e-a-h

               E-E         E-E
You said you'd love, me forever
     C#m-C#m         B-B
Then you said,  it's over
    A-A        E-       B-B     B-B
And left me without the missing link
  E-E              E-E
I thought I'd,  forget you
    C#m-C#m        B-B
But I guess I,  forgot to
    A-A         E-E         B-B      B-B
And lately I've been too confused to think
       F#m               Abm
When I reach for someone new
     A                 B
It's like I'm touching you

  E E C#m  B, A  E  B

   F#m             Abm
In everything that moves
   A            B
In everything I do

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Korry in the verse after that First "E" it should go like "EE" - "BB" - "C#mC#M- and so have it as "EE' - "EE" - "C#mC#M" and so's a walk down:) That's what I hear bud...I could be wrong...:)
-palamin0 | 7/1/2003
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