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Collin Raye - It Could Happen Again (Chord)
Album: Christmas, The Gift (2002)
Submitter: WildCard76 (0) on 12/25/04 1 comment
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Collin Raye
Album: The Gift
Sony Records
Submitted by: christopher r.
7:30 AM 12/25/2004

Capo 3rd Fret 

SPOKEN: One frozen night in 1914, at the height of World War I, the 
unthinkable happened: all along the entire western front, the British and 
German soldiers lay down their weapons, an unofficial cease fire, to 
celebrate Christmas Eve together. They exchanged gifts, and saw each other 
as brothers, and that peace lasted for two more days, when they were ordered 
back to battle. In those few days, though, men remembered the reason for 
Christmas amongst the devastation, and it's a story that should never be 

(Em7) Through the smoke filled night silence (G) rose from both sides
Across a bloody battle(D/F#)field
It was a (Em7) cold Christmas Eve in (C) 1914
(G) To those who were there, it seemed un(D/F#)real
As (Bm) time was still the spirit moved the (Em7) soldiers
To (C) lay down their (Em7) arms and (C) raise their voice in (Em7) song
And pre(C)tend for a while the war was (Dsus4) ove(D)r

  If it could (G) happen (D/F#) then, it could (Em7) happen a(Bm)gain
  A (C) world torn a(G)part could (Am) join hands and (D) hearts
  To celeb(G)rate his (D) birth and (Em7) peace on this (Bm) Earth
  If for (C) one magic (G) night we could (Am) find again a reason not to fig(D)ht
  Maybe there's a (G/B) chance (Cadd9)
  This time it might (G/B) last (Cadd9)

As (Em7) opposing sides approached through (G) broken words they spoke
It wasn't long before they felt at (D/F#) ease
They (Em7) shared their cigarettes, what they (C) had they used as gifts
(G) They didn't feel like enem(D/F#)ies
With (Bm) candles lit they stood shoulder to sh(Em7)oulder
And (C) on that field they (Em7) found (C) true common gr(Em7)ound
And as they (C) prayed they dreamed the war was (Dsus4) ove(D)r

Repeat Chorus

  If it could (G) happen (D/F#) then, it could (Em7) happen a(Bm)gain 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The last chord should be the Cadd9, not Bm. But otherwise, it looks great. Nice job.
-stevetingey | 12/14/2010
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