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Collin Raye - Little Rock (Chord)
Album: Extremes (1994)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 10/30/01 3 comments
Month Views: 36 | Total Views: 11,357
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The chords in  the verses of Little Rock are a little strange.
Play F Major in it's 3rd inversion (A C F) and then 
while holding  this chord slide your finger to play these notes  
B A G  as you follow the vocal melody.

Then play Gmaj also in it's third inversion (B D G) and play the 
following arpeggios  (C D G)  (B D G)   (A D G B) These patterns 
will apply for both verses.

          F                                  G
          Well I know I disapeared a time or two

          F                                G
          And along the way I lost me and you

          C                                F
          I needed a new town for my new start

          C                                  G
          Selling VCRs in Arknsas at a Wall Mart

          F                            G
          I haven't had a drink in 19 days

          F                                         G
          My eyes are bright and clear without that haze

          C                                       F
          I like the preacher from the Church of Christ

          C                                             G
          Sorry that I cried when I talked to you last night

          C                             F
          I think I'm on a roll here in Little Rock

          C                                   G
          I'm soild as a stone baby wait and see

          C                                    F
          I got just one small problem here in Little Rock

          Am          G            F
          Without you baby I'm not me

                        Verse 2:
          I don't know why I held it all inside
          You must've thought I never even tried
          You know your daddy told me when I left
          That Jesus would forgive but a daddy don't forget

                    (repeat chorus)

          F   E  Dm                         G
                 Lying here upon this motel bed

                 C                               F
                 Thoughts of you exploding in my head

                 Dm                          G
                 And like a castle built upon the sand

                 C                         F
                 I let love crumble in my hand

          G  G   Am    G      F
                 Whoa  oh..............

                 Am    G      F 
                 Whoa  oh..............

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great job on the chords, make the G a G# and it sounds a little better, more like the recording
-chattahoochee74 | 4/8/2003
great tab great song
-ABERNATHY_AU | 4/3/2004
Know this sounds stupid. I don't know what you mean when you say inversions. Could you explain ?
-pj29340 | 11/6/2005
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