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Corey Smith - Blow Me Away (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (391) on 9/19/15
Month Views: 83 | Total Views: 6,489
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Blow Me Away
Written & Recorded by Corey Smith
Album: While the Gettin' Is Good (2015)

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G) |(Em)(D/F#)| x 4

(G) I'm a solid rock, (Em) a chip off a (D/F#)mountain top
(G) Finely chiseled by the wind (Em) and rain (D/F#)
(G) I work out in the storm, (Em) keeps me in (D/F#)fighting form
(G) No, I won't back down from (Em) anything (D/F#)

But you're (G) like a stick of dynamite
And I'm (Em) gonna light your (D/F#) fuse tonight
(G) Get ready for a (Em)fireworks (D/F#)show 

(Em) You (D) blow me away
(Em) You (D) --- blow me (G)away

Solo:   / / / |(Em)(D/F#)|(G) |(Em)(D/F#)|

I'm a (G)cold-blooded cynic, I'm a (Em) stone cold (D/F#)critic
(G) Seems like nothings worth a dou-(Em)ble take (D/F#)
(G) Yeah, I'm open minded, (Em) but I've (D/F#)been color-blinded
(G) Fed up and jaded by the hit (Em) parade (D/F#)

But (G)baby you're a work of art,
And I (Em) tried picking (D/F#) you apart, but (G)I can't
You've simply (Em) blown me (D/F#)over

(Em) You (D) blow me away
(Em) You (D/F#) --- blow me away

(Em) (D) (Em) (D) I, I, I
(Em) (D) (Em) (D/F#) ---

(G) I'm a shaky leaf (Em) upon a (D/F#)sycamore tree
(G) I'm hanging high but barely hold-(Em)ing on (D/F#)
(G) I've been catching rays, (Em) I've been (D/F#)making shade
(G) Holding a shingle when the rains (Em) got strong (D/F#)

But I (G) feel Autumn setting in
And the green (Em) is fading (D)from my skin
And (G)oh, it's going to be a long (Em) way (D/F#)down

(Em) But you (D) blow me away
(Em) You (D/F#) blow me away
(Em) You (D) blow me away
(Em) You (D/F#) blow me away

(G) (Em) I, (D/F#) I, I
(G) (Em) I, (D/F#) I, I

(G) I've been a solid rock (Em) (D/F#)
I've been a cold-(G)-blooded cynic (Em) (D/F#)
I'm a shaking (G) leaf, but (Em)you still blow (D/F#) me away
(G) You blow me away (Em) (D/F#)

Outro.:  |(G) |(Em)(D/F#)| x repeat times to fade 
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