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Cowboy Junkies - Cowboy Junkies Lament (Chord)
Submitter: EMRLDEYZS (3) on 12/31/05
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 4,097
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INTRO: D Em   G A7 D 2x

 D                      Em
Baby hit the back door breathiní real heavy
         G                          A7         D
Said the boys in the alley wouldnít leave her alone
D                         Em
Mama did her make-up in a terrible hurry
    A7                        G         D
She finally got ready but the boys were gone
Em                    F#m
Mama donít you worry, nightís approachiní
          G                         A7        D
Thereís a hole in heaven where some sin slips through
     D                   Em
Just close your eyes and dream real steady
A7                       G        D
Maybe just a little will spill on you

     D   G     Em    F#m
The Dark donít lie
The Dreams come true
G                   Em      D
Could be a few will see you through

D                  Em
Old lady rose, lookiní down her nose
      G                    A7     D
At lonely miss lily hiding in the hall
D                           Em
Lilyís just praying for the trial to be over
     A7                        G     D
Lady rose just waiting for the ax to fall
Em                F#m
Show me off on the way to town
    G                         A7            D
The skyís still shiny and the earthís still brown
D                        Em
Tell the judge Iím ready for the vases
A7                                  G      D
Gonna dance in their faces when the guitar sounds

   D     G  Em    F#m
It wonít be long
I'll be long gone
       G                          Em   D
I been leaning toward the shadows all along


D   Em   F#m  G  D 2x
Em  F#m  G    D
D   Em   F#m  G  D

D                 Em
Those in the know say so it goes
    G                  A7       D
You plan on reapiní, you better sow
D                        Em
You plan on sleepin, You better keep moviní
A7                            G        D
Sleepiní ainít allowed around here you know
Em                      F#m
Tell me please when the rollings over
G                    A7        D
Me and my baby gonna have some fun
D                   Em
Bury our backs in a bed of clover
A7                       G        D
Smile in style while the sun goes down

    D     G    Em   F#m
The Snake eyes cry, 
Boxcars sigh
G                                Em        D
Sevenís stuck in the middle just wonderiní why
               Em    F#m
The Dark donít lie
The Dreams come true
G               Em     D
All it takes is one or two
G                     Em      D
Maybe just a few will see you through
G                     Em      D
Maybe just a few will see you through
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