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Craig Morgan - Look At Us (Chord)
Album: I Love It (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (28) on 5/1/04 6 comments
Month Views: 114 | Total Views: 7,291
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Look At Us - Craig Morgan
Album: I Love It
Writers: Larry Bastian/Buddy Cannon/Craig Morgan

Intro: D  D/F#  G  A (x2)

D                       D/F#
Found an old box in the bottom of the closet
            G                        A
Neath' the bowlin' ball bag full of magazines
       D                    D/F#
And a school sweater with a ring in the pocket
       G                   A
From a first cigar, man did I turn green
C               G                   D
Hey honey come look at what I just found
          C                      G                A
This old picture of us when the carnival came to town

           D         D/F#
And I was Superman, Tarzan
G                         A
Thought I was a star in a rock n roll band
             D          D/F#
And you were Lois Lane, Letty Jane
G                       A                   Bm
I wasn't very good but you were the biggest fan
                      A                       G
Of the man that your Momma warned you not to trust
          A       D  D/F#  G  A
Now baby look at us 

           D                              D/F#
There's a bracelet that I made you at our homecomin party
          G                       A
Bought a six-pack of Bud just to get the tabs
D                 D/F#
Took you home and you wore it proudly
       G                           A
But I got in big trouble when you showed your Dad
C                          G                D
Here's a sticker from the Dickson drive-in show
C                G                  A
What movie was playin we never did know


Instrumental break: D  C  G  A (x2)     

(A)                      Bm
And you were the biggest fan
                      A                       G
Of the man that your Momma warned you not to trust
          A       D
Now baby look at us 

(repeat intro progression with ad-lib to fade)

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
i think its lady jane like tarzan, but thanks for the tab dude.
somebody should tab "you never know" thanks again
-Guitout03 | 5/5/2004
i belive it's "speaker" not sticker, but to know that you would have
to be old enough to have been to a drive-in movie where you had to
hang the speaker on your window so you could hear the movie

-ty2 | 6/28/2004
I'm calling the whaaaaa-mbulance. ;o) Great tab Shantel! I love this song!
-debeck | 7/13/2004
its actually betty jane
-xdrewx | 7/17/2004
who the hell is betty jane?
-ty2 | 12/27/2004
Guys, Tarzans woman was Mary Jane.
-mascot8476 | 3/18/2005
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