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Craig Morgan - Redneck Yacht Club (Chord)
Album: My Kind of Livin' (2005)
Submitter: chad_jarnigan (2) on 3/24/05 14 comments
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***Where I have (7) its because it sounds good using A
or A7 either its your choice which sounds good to you . 
The A(7) with astrics after it means it sounds better in A7***

INTRO: G, D, C x2
i'm meeting my buddies out on the lake

we're headin out to a special place
we love... that just a few folks know
there's no signing up, no monthly dues
take your johnson, your mercury or your evinrude and fire it up

meet us out at party cove 
Em                     A (7)
come on in' the waters fine
       C                         D
just idle on over and toss us a line

G                             D
basstrackers, bayliners and a party barge,
          C                        D                
strung together like a floating trailer park 
G                         D              C
anchored out and gettin loud all summer long 
G                            D                       
side by side there's five houseboat front porches
   C                         D
astroturf, lawn chairs and tiki torches
G              D                    A (7)**
regular joes rocking the boat that's us
the redneck yacht club


bermuda's' flip-flops and a tank top tan
popped his first top at ten a.m., thats bob

he's our president 
we're checking out the girls on the upper deck rubbin' in 
15 spf, its hot 

everybody's jumpin' in
Em                         A (7)
later on when the sun goes down
we'll pull out the jar and the old guitar 
and pass'em around


Em                                    A (7)
when the party's over and we're all alone
C                                  D
well be making waves in a no wake zone

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great tab mate! have you seen the 330 session on its a great accoustic version.
-Johnny_Cash | 5/17/2005
Great song for us lake goers! Gotta love the redneck songs. Good Tab!
-sarah824 | 6/28/2005
great tab
-brittanynrebel | 8/13/2005
i think is "he's a resident"
-jbtx55200411 | 8/15/2005
Clearly is "he's our president," not "resident." Get it? President of the club?
-jeffrichter | 8/15/2005
ratin it a ten my friend
-becky23 | 8/23/2005
thanks alot for the rating!
-chad_jarnigan | 8/25/2005
A couple corrections
the last sentence in the chorus you have:

regular joes rocking the boat that's us
the (D)red(D)neck yacht club

should be:
regular joes rocking the boat that's us
the (C)red(C)neck yacht club

-palamin0 | 9/28/2005
i think the last part of the chorus sounds
good like this:

(C)The red(D)neck yacht (G)club
-rockey90 | 11/9/2005

-Brillo | 11/17/2005
great job its agood song
-peaceallover | 5/18/2005
Does anybody know this song on banjo? I just got one and want to learn it the way craig morgan plays it.

e-mail me @
-whitedude_55 | 12/25/2005
In the video, Craig's using a 6 string banjo, tuned like a guitar...called a Ganjo in Keith Urban world.

So if you have a 5 string "normal" banjo, you are out of luck I believe.
-Clapton101 | 12/26/2005
Does anyone know where I could find the tabs to the whole song?
-Renagade_8850 | 1/11/2006
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