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Cross Canadian Ragweed - After All (capo 2) (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: lmofle (382) on 9/17/05 5 comments
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After All
By Cross Canadian Ragweed
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

CMT Listening Party

Capo 2

Single electric:
C#m  E  A  E

Full band:
C#m  E  C#m  E

C#m                   E
When you think you're doing good
   A                 E
It all comes tumblin down 
C#m                E
When you think you beat it all
   A              E
It crashes to the ground
               B                  A
When you gonna come around, maybe someday
C#m          E
Judgement is one thing
A                   E
You could do without
C#m              E
Remember back to yesterday
         A              E
When you knew without a doubt 
                 B           A
It was gonna work out, maybe someday

A                E
Someday is never coming
       A                E
If you want to know the truth 
A         E                  B
Everybody else they're gonna lie to you
A             E
And I see you running
          B                E
With your back against the wall 
               B               A
Watin for your call, but after all, maybe someday

Repeat intro

It wasnít that long ago 
Those were different times 
Back then it was under control 
Now it is always on your mind
I think now is the time and not someday
You say you're sorry
With teardrops in your eyes
Itís only black or white
And never compromise
And never someday, and never someday 



 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)

-kuntrykid14 | 8/19/2005
may not sound like the cd, but if you play the same chords without capo(open) it sounds real nice, especially if you have a voice slightly deeper than cody's.
-dudeitstaylor | 10/5/2005
The recording used was from CMT Listening
party so it should sound exactly like the CD
-lmofle | 10/6/2005
I think that B in the verse is a seventh. Actually, I'm almost completely sure it is.
-pickerfromWACO | 10/14/2005
And it may be but as with D or D7, I leave
it up to the discretion of the musician.
-lmofle | 10/14/2005
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