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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Bad Habit (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: zacrobinson (0) on 2/12/03 12 comments
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Song: Bad Habit
Artist: Cross Canadian Ragweed
Transcribed by: Zac Robinson
Key of A

Capo on the 2nd fret
For the intro I follow this picking pattern on a G chord:

E --------------3-----3-
B ----3-----3-3---3-----
G --0---0-----------0---
D --------0-------------
A ----------------------
E 3---------------------

Smoking cigarettes, they got a hold of me
C                          G
long about the summer of 1993
Barley Hops and Mountain Dew, used to be my golden rule
C                         G
Long before I graduated school

But the one that got to me
C                     G
Knocked me damn near off my feet
Came in like a southern breeze
  C                D
Brought me to my knees

    C        G      C                 G
My only bad habit, comes with loving you
      C              G                   D
cause I don't think about you much as I want me too
    C                G         C             G
And if it gives me cancer, and if gives me shakes
     C          G          D
Its one of my habits baby I'm not gonna break
    C           G            C             G
And no surgeon general can tell me what to do
    C         G          D                     G
My only bad habit baby comes with loving you

Had my bout with Mary Jane she damn near drove me insane
To the point where she had to hit the road

Wild Turkey gives me thrills, only when it's slightly chilled
Then again it's kinda getting old

A promise that I make to you
Is you wont ever not feel new
You're the one that gets to me
And knocks me off my feet


    C           G             C              G
And no surgeon general gonna tell me what to do
    C        G          D                       G
My only bad habit baby comes with loving you 
    C        G          D                       G  
My only bad habit baby comes with loving you

That's it.
Any questions/comments/requests im at zacrobinson at

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Can anyone help me out with the picking on
this song, much appreciated,
-frieberg | 9/11/2003
I've tried... Now i love CCR but I just can't enjoy this song what-so-ever.
-jaemery | 11/15/2004
It is capo on the 4th fret and the chords are G,Csus9, and D
-kevospike03 | 10/6/2005
nice call kev! what a great song!
-dgkkSHOP23 | 10/28/2005
Does anybody know the harmonica part for the new version?
-Jahana311 | 10/31/2005
your lyrics are way off.
but good tab
-lightweight07 | 11/6/2005
no this is just an old tab.. the lyrics are right its just the old version of this song..he changed up the barley hops and mountain dew.. and changed it from "much as i want me to" to "much as you want me to".. good tab
-elksfootball07 | 11/6/2005
Hey how about getting the lyrics right if you are going to post a song.
-jford3672 | 12/1/2005
If you were a true CCR fan you would know there was an underground recording of this song back in the early 1990's. This is the way it was sang back then.
-njgooch | 12/4/2005
Capo 4th fret or the 2nd fret is the same. You can use the 2nd fret if you want to change singing key your in. You just drop down a whole step.
-jl1090 | 12/7/2005
Yeah any real fan would know that the lyrics are correct for the first version of the song. For some reason he changed for GARAGE. If you look around a bit you can find the underground one which i think is better than the album version. So if your gonna post a comment know what you are talking about first.
-LukeDuke | 2/13/2006
Children! grow up

-jafer80 | 10/15/2008
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