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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Bang My Head (Chord)
Album: Highway 377 (2004)
Submitter: PatGreen2056 (1) on 6/11/02 3 comments
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 18,483
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Intro: C#m---B---A---C#m---B---A---C#m---B---A---C#m--------B-----

C#m       B          A
Check me out in my easy chairs
C#m     B     A
Bottle in my hand
C#m     B    A                   C#m                 B    A
How it ever got to go this far I guess Iíll never understand
         C#m       B      A
Cause I bend and bend until I break
C#m B              A
Then I bend some more
C#m  B       A                            C#m          B
Sometimes I feel like a piece of dirt down on your floor

   E       B     A
I bang my head against the wall
E          B        A
Bang it until it bleeds
E          B         A
To me it makes no difference at all
           E            B       A
I got to bang it till I canít see
C#m         B                  A
Donít know what you think of me
C#m      B      A
I donít really care
          E        B    A                            C#m      B
I got to bang my head against the wall cause itís there

(same chords as verse )
I sit and stare at the telephone
Why donít it ring
Once upon a time I thought I knew it all
Turns out I donít know one damn thing
Pick it up and I throw it down
I pick it up again
Iím gonna keep slamminí it to the floor till someoneís on the other end.



(same chords as verse)
I donít know why Iím sittiní here
Seems like I used to know
Knew everything I wanted everywhere I needed to go.
Friends stop and they smile at me
They say you got it all
But what they donít know what they donít see 
Are the holes up and down my hall



(same chords as verse)
Sun cominí up at the break of dawn
I canít shut my eyes
Itís like a pile of wire coat hangers inside my mind
Now Iím down here on the floor
My world spinning around
I get the feeling I ainít ever gonna leave this God forsaken town.


Chord Notation:
C#m A 
e---4--- e---5---
B---5--- B---5---
G---6--- G---6---
D---6--- D---7---
A---4--- A---7---
E---4--- E---5---

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
-Captain_Mega | 4/13/2003
Actually from the live Album it's CAPO 2nd fret and Bm A G for most the song and D A G for the first part of the chorus
-bthotuags | 7/29/2003
use this scale for solos. ive never done the same one twice. i usually start on the 9th fret of the D string

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
alright heres my recomended tricks when your up on the high e string do a really fast hammer on and off, also bend alot of notes and just have fun doing it.
-texasmusic | 4/1/2004
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