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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Brooklyn Kid (harmonica Tab) (Tab)
Album: Cross Canadian Ragweed (2002)
Submitter: smalltownguy (1) on 1/28/05 13 comments
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Cross Canadian Ragweed
Brooklyn Kid

I just thought this was a cool little riff they did. You'll just have to 

listen for the timing. I just use a straight harp in the key of E. This is 

the first harmonica tab I've ever figured out by myself so if I'm way off 

just go ahead and tell me. Any corrections are 

welcome too. 

Bend = '

Main Line:

5   -5   5    6               -5  5    4     

5   -5   5    6               -6   6    -5   5   4  

After "A good man's life he was chiseling."

5   -5   5    6                  -5  5  4               

5   -5   5    6                  -6   6  -5   5   4

-5'   5  -5'  5      -5'  5 -5'  5       -5  5  4 
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Could you help us "beginners" out by commenting on harp key and straight or cross harp. Thanks a million.
-rivrun01 | 1/29/2005
Yea, sorry about that. I included it in the explanation. This is the first harmonica tab I've done so I'm really not even sure what form I should put it in. I hope this is somewhat close to right.
-smalltownguy | 1/30/2005
I'm pretty sure this song is in the key of E.
-diablo | 1/31/2005
your add on still makes no sense to me man please explain in futher detail
-jackb9805 | 2/2/2005
by the way i really appreciate the harmonica tabs i am just starting myself

-jackb9805 | 2/2/2005
yes the song is in the key of e so use and e key harp its somewhat easy to figure out once u learn how to bend notes
-buddyholly06 | 3/26/2005
thanks for the harmonica tab its hard to find does anybody know where i can find more
-wccunningham | 5/5/2005
I am just finishing up a music class... I think it is key of C for straight harp and then isn't it 4 steps away for cross harp? As you can tell, I'm a beginner. A B C D E F G. So a G harp would be for cross harp, wouldn't it?
Thanks again for posting.
-rivrun01 | 5/10/2005
When I play it at home I use a harmonica in the key of E. It sounds right to me and all who have heard.

-tallbryan7 | 5/18/2005
Yes, E... I wasn't thinking about it correctly.
-rivrun01 | 6/14/2005
Yes, y'all are exactly right. It is in the key of E. When I tabed this tab I only had a harmonica in the key of C and I've just now purchased all the keys so my bad. I've made the changes and shown where the bends are in the second part.
-smalltownguy | 6/17/2005
so is this song in the key of E or D? the other tab says key of D with capo on 2nd fret.
-keghead40 | 12/28/2005
Your tab was enough to get me started on the song when i first learned. However, it's a hole off on parts. I just posted a more accurate and complete version. I'll probably post some more Cross Canadian Ragweed harmonica tabs since no one else does.
-peter.balke | 6/20/2008
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