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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Dead Man (Chord)
Album: Mission California (2007)
Submitter: lmofle (396) on 10/10/07 4 comments
Month Views: 34 | Total Views: 20,155
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D/A# - XX03X2
D/A   XX02X2
D    - XX0232
C/B  - X2X033
D/G# - XX01X2
Cadd9- X32033

D/A# 	    D/A 	  	    D 	 
Judgement coming down on you
C 	  C/B 	  	  	 D
Now your conscience is kicking in
D/A# 	      D/A 	  	  D
Everybody''s to blame baby but you 
Cadd9  C/B                 D
Now my patience is wearing thin

     D                     D/A#
Get out of my life you''re coming unthread
D/A               D/G#         Cadd9
Out of your mind over your head
         C/B                   D
And you wonder why you''re all alone
D                 D/A#
Losing your grip coming undone
D/A                      D/G#
Using your mouth like a gatlin gun
Cadd9   C/B              D
I won''t be your stepping stone
             Cadd9          G
If there''s a dead man in my closet
Show me your bones

What did I ever do to you
I''ve always loved you just the same
I hate feeling like I do
I wish my blood wasn''t in your veins

repeat chorus

Now you wanna take it back 
You could beg and you could plead
I ain''t cutting you no slack
And you ain''t no ''a part of me

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
please re-tab this song. This song is awesome!
-superherc21 | 6/24/2008
Is it possible that it is just in drop D but with the same chords? It sounds like the recording and gives a nice sound when you hammer on and off the 3rd fret of the Low E.
-jasmatt34 | 8/14/2008
If someone could upload a video for this song would be awesome. This song's badass, but I can't figure out how to play it, maybe if I see someone playing it would be better. Thanks.
-Juan1988 | 1/30/2009
The chords are G5/F, Em7, Csus2, and G for the intro at least, you leave your 3rd and 4th fingers on the 3rd fret of the b and e string respectively throughout the intro and just move your first two fingers. The strumming/picking pattern is easy once you figure it out, but its hard to distinguish by just listening to the song. Im going to post a new tab for this song here within the next few days, so be looking for it.
-jdubw08 | 8/8/2009
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