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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Dimebag(correct) (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: mike85 (0) on 10/12/05 14 comments
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Em G D A
Em G D B

 Em                    G
Dimebag Darrell, God bless that man
 D                      A
Ripped from us by the Devil's hand
     Em         G
The only thing in his plan
     D                 B
Was love and rock and roll
 Em                      G
Cowboy from hell on a twisted trail
  D                    A
Swept away where the wild winds wail
    Em                     G
The sad truth is you can never tell
      D                B
When it's your time to go

C                 G       D
Bad news travels faster
Than any good news that you hear
C                     G
Just one more dark disaster

Makes you wonder why we're here

Where were you in '94 
When they found him down there on the floor
Guess he couldn't take no more
A needle and a gun
Where did you sleep last night 
With the angels locked up tight
Love was his only light 
Did he have another one

Repeat Chorus 3x 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I think the correct version is Em G D Cadd9
and you hammer on the 3 and 2 on the Cadd9.
The next part in the verse is Em G D B7.
Try it out, but it sounds right on to me.
-reidschindler | 10/12/2005
yeah man...good call. I wasnt really sure about the A chord but it sounded good at the time. and B7 works too
-mike85 | 10/12/2005
How do you play B7?
-andrewmh | 10/15/2005
pre>B7/pre> is

-reidschindler | 10/17/2005
in the verse it sounds more like an Am than an A maj to me. Fits the style of the song better as well.
-agentorange | 10/20/2005
Last line of 2nd verse is "did she have another one" nice job mike
-Frets234 | 10/26/2005
yea dude its a B7 he plays not a B
-Dobbs8990 | 10/26/2005
Badass song from a badass band about a badass guitarist.
-texmex16 | 11/5/2005
i know the song is about dimebag, RIP..., but that last verse reminds me alot of Kurt Cobain, RIP..., could they be doin a tribute to em both?
-OldskewlEterna | 1/2/2006
It is to both of them. That's what he's talking about when he says '94,
the year Cobain took his life. Also if you listen close enough to the second verse
it sounds like he says "Love was his only
light, did SHE have another one" speaking
of Courtney Love, that w***e who drove Cobain to take his life.
-SMERSH4346 | 1/3/2006
I played the song with a barred C and a Cadd9 and they are so close you can use both.

I like using the barred C myself, it's all about preference.
-SMERSH4346 | 1/3/2006
also the line "where did you sleep last night" was a Nirvana cover and the last song that Cobain played in an MTV Unplugged concert, which turned out to be their final appearance on TV.
-vsugorilla | 1/5/2006
do you suck these guys dicks or something find something better to do you stupid f**k
-jdub520 | 1/8/2006
there is no A in there. watch the video that came witht he CD.
-sneakybastard | 2/12/2006
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