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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Fightin' For (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: RagweedisNo.1 (0) on 8/15/05 23 comments
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Fightin' For
Cross Canadian Ragweed
Cody Canada/Mike McClure

Intro: A, D

           A            D            A        D
well it's late and you know i been a-drinkin'
   A         D                        A      D
talkin' to myself up and down the hall
           A              D          A     D
ain't it great - another fabulous disaster
              A    D                      A   D
well i can't wait for the next hammer to fall

D                     E
you may have won this battle baby
A            E/G#     F#m
don't mean i wont win the war
 D                     E            
and you, you don't even know what it is
that you're fightin' for

well it's early i know you've been a-waitin'
waitin' for me to finally call
talkin' dirty, it ain't what you really wanted
to slam another phone up against the wall


F#m                              A
well think about me when you're out there honey
F#m                   A
you know sometimes i will
F#m                       A
sometimes i feel like a broken stone
rolling down your hill

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
where did you get this song

-wildbill2003 | 8/15/2005

-RagweedisNo.1 | 8/15/2005
What the hell? Where did this song come from? And what is this "GARAGE"? Am I just f**king stupid for not knowing about a new album or what is going on here?
-pickerfromWACO | 8/17/2005
brand new record
called GARAGE
comes out october 4th

and i do believe Fightin' For will be
their first single...

go to
for more info
-RagweedisNo.1 | 8/17/2005
you can downlaod the song from their website
-TxMusic01 | 8/21/2005
I've been hearing this song alot on the radio and it kicks ass!!! Can't wait for it to come out. Great job on the tab by the way. P.S. is it just me, or does it sound like a mixture of "Constantly" and another song? I can't put my finger on it...
-Trojacek88 | 8/22/2005
I don't think it sounds like "Constantly" at all. However, "Constantly" and "17" are almost exactly the same if you ask me. i listen to CCR all the time and the intros still throw me off.

Oh yeah, I did some research and found out what all this was about. Sorry about all that.
-pickerfromWACO | 8/22/2005
Chorus correction:
you may have won this battle baby
A E/G# F#m
don't think i wont win the war
and you, you don't even know what it is
that you're fightin' for
-deaconblues86 | 8/23/2005
thanks man, i wasn't to sure about the chorus

i'll correct it
-RagweedisNo.1 | 8/26/2005

-Trojacek88 | 9/5/2005
Well I listen to Ragweed alot too pickerfromWACO... what i meant was that that little riff Cody plays after the chorus sounds like a part of "Constantly". And it's a different style from what they usually play.
-Trojacek88 | 9/5/2005
is it not
you may won this battle baby dont even wont with the war
-TxMusic01 | 9/7/2005
Good job - and there isn't a D at the end of the chorus...
-lmofle | 9/17/2005
"you may've won this battle baby, dont even wanna win the war"

It dont get better than ragweed..
-chase123 | 9/25/2005
I think you guys are wrong, I think it goes like this...
"you may've won the battle baby, don't mean I won't win the war"
-aaron_koehn | 9/26/2005
God, I love this song. That chorus just kills me. Great tab!
-twizzle05 | 10/4/2005
ccr rocks my socks off. i 3 cody canada.
-dudeitstaylor | 10/5/2005
hey man, is the song bad habit on their new CD in G, Cadd9, and D???
-txmusic4life | 10/10/2005
this song is supposed to be capo 2:
verses, G and Cadd9 and the chorus is: Cadd9, D, G, G/F#, Em7, Cadd9, D,G. I know it is the same but it does have a little different sound in my opinion and this is the correct way to play it.
-khbfan04 | 10/16/2005
"you may've won the battle baby, don't mean I won't win the war"

That does make sense, but I still keep thinking he says "don't mean I wanted a war"

I hate when lyrics change :)
-holymoly | 11/4/2005
There is no way of mistaking 17 for constantly. For one the timing of the picking is totally different...i know what you mean though they are the same basic riff. 17 is distorted also. But it doesn't matter.
-kfr12ap | 11/8/2005
It is " Don't mean i won't win the war " i'n looking at the CD book now.
-evh | 11/10/2005
I think it says "don't even want in the war"
-kensa001001 | 1/11/2006
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