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Cross Canadian Ragweed - SS #10 (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: lmofle (104) on 9/21/05 4 comments
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SS #10 
By Cross Canadian Ragweed
CD: Garage  Oct 2005
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

CMT Listening Party

Capo 2

         Bm              A
Same old story, same old town
         Bm D                  E 
Same old me, same old hangin' around
             Bm    D                 A   
The Same old people and the same old cars
             Bm     E                A 
The same old lights and the same old bars

          Bm      D               A
If I were you I'd turn around and run
                Bm       D                    E 
Cause you ain't done eveything that they want done
           Bm          D            A
It doesn't matter what you do to survive
               Bm             E            A
There's always something that leads you to lie

          Bm  D                A
I've been down to the basement floor
          Bm  D               E 
I've been down but I took one more
          Bm   D                 A
I've been down past the point of doubt
          Bm   E                   A
I've been down, I've been down and out


There's always people to put a smile on your face
There's always people that make you feel outta place
There's always people that make you feel right at home
There's always people no matter where you roam

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
last line in the chorus is:

"there's always something that'll eat you alive"
-RagweedisNo.1 | 12/10/2005
yea,,it's eat you alive..
-keghead40 | 12/26/2005
Good tab Larry, and for those who are worried about the words the 1st and 3rd chorus say leads you to lie in the last line, but the last line of the 2nd chorus is the only part that says eats you alive
-urbanhick | 1/7/2006
I'd rather play it in natural tune. C#m E B and C#m E F# sometimes the capo just doesn't cut it.
-Picknlickn | 7/31/2012
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