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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sick And Tired (Chord)
Album: Soul Gravy (2004)
Submitter: bogieaggie (0) on 2/3/04 28 comments
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Band: Cross Canadian Ragweed
Song: Sick and Tired
Album: Soul Gravy 

G             D/F#
Got your bag, on your shoulder
Am           Asus2              Am  Asus2
Never thought once about thinking it over
G           D/F#         Am      Asus2         Am Asus2
Feels like you're the only one
G               D/F#
Who's ever been in a bad situation
Am                Asus2               Am  Asus2
Now you need to give yourself a love vacation
G           D/F#         Am        Asus2        Am Asus2
Cause after all what's done is done

(Chorus 1)
G        D/F#             Am      Asus2      Am Asus2   
Sick and tired of bein' sick and tired
G        D/F#             Am      Asus2     Am Asus2  
Everything around you is growing old
G                    D/F#              
The days drag on, the nights last forever
Am         Asus2                  Am Asus2  
Everday it's tougher just to keep it together
G        D/F#             Am      Asus2     Am Asus2  
Forget everything you've ever known - except for home

Made a promise, you couldn't keep
Bet he's not losing a bit of sleep
Over how you're gettin' down the line
Now don't you fret, now don't you worry
Don't get in too much of a hurry
Cause up ahead's that city limit sign

(Chorus 2)
Sick and tired of bein' sick and tired
Everything around you is growing old
The days drag on, the nights last forever
Everday it's tougher just to keep it together
Forget everything you've ever known - except for home

Em                  G
Home is where the heart is
Em                    G
That's what somebody once said
Em                                G
I think you're heart is where your love is
Cadd9                                      D
Aw the rest babe, the rest is all in your head

Memories, are overrated
All they do is get you down and frustrated
Who needs that on your back
Startin' over, cold turkey
Washing your soul of everything that's dirty
Seal your heart of every crack

(Chorus 3)
You're no longer sick and tired
Everything around you feels brand new
The days fly by, the nights could be longer
Everyday you're just a little bit stronger
Now that you've spread your wings and flown - back to home

Back to home
Back to home
Back to home....

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Dang the album aint even out yet
-tgdrocks | 2/4/2004
good song
-joelray35 | 2/5/2004
if anyone wants to hear this song it's on at the
bottom and click the "x" shape and then the
fast forward signal till this song comes up
-joelray35 | 2/5/2004
if i could rate this tab i would give it
a 10. I've seen them live 6 times this
school year and this song is awesome when
they play it live

-wildbill2003 | 2/7/2004
hey good job, just got a copy of this song
today... very good song..specially in concert
-parmorrow | 2/7/2004
haven't got to see them yet, but i love their music.
they are a really good band and this song is awesome.
-jabberjawz2004 | 2/24/2004
hey man-- looks pretty damn good- I saw them perform
this at the cd release party in Stillwater monday
night, and we were front stage, I'm not 100% sure,
but it looked like Cody was going from G to G/F#
rather than the D/F#, but hell, it sounds good
either way. A great song from a great band!
-KyleT | 3/10/2004
this band kicks some serious ass.... this is by far the best band and
they will be really big here pretty quick. can someone tell me how to
do the d/f#
-crossrag | 3/15/2004
When I play D/F# I play a regular D chord and
just cover the top bass string with my
thumb in the second fret.
This will just add more of a bass sound when
you are struming the chords. CCR is simply
bad ass - enough said. I've seen
them a few times in concert and
Cody can play an electric guitar like
there is no tomorrow...

Awesome tab job .... stay true to Texas
-fite16 | 3/22/2004
I added chord formations to the tab. Glad you guys are enjoying it.
-bogieaggie | 3/23/2004
good tab, but i think its a G/F# also, the intro goes as follows:
G G/F# Am Asus Am
-duh14 | 4/9/2004
I'm going to have to say it's a G/F# as well. There is a distictive
sound between the D/F# and the G/F# and the sound you hear is a
walkdown from G to Em. Just one guys opinion but a great tab (you can
get way with either one I believe...

-lmofle | 4/28/2004
great job!! I do think it's a G/F# also
-EMRLDEYZS | 4/30/2004
I really like this song and this tab looks good
but can someone please post me the fingering for
the G/F# chord so i can use that. I'm a beginner
and don't know that chord. Thanks
-kidcountry | 5/13/2004
awesome music awesome band they played live in my hometown a month ago, sadly i missed it.
-noeterrazas | 5/17/2004
How do you do a walkdown. Thanks.
-tjayne | 6/3/2004
Love this song...Just find it strange that nobody said anything
about LeeAnn Womack's contribution to the song. It wouldn't
be nearly as good without her beautiful harmonies. She's the best.
-guppie06 | 6/5/2004
You guys are right, it really is a G/F# (220033).
But, I don't think I'm going to change it on the tab because
I am convinced it sounds much better with a D/F# when playing by
yourself. Play it however you see fit.
Thanks for the good ratings all.
-bogieaggie | 6/7/2004
in the chorus the Am should be on "tired"
not on "sick" that is way off and it is
a G/F# - 200033 that is how you play it

-nathan sebesta | 6/11/2004
this song is freakin cool!!!!!
-texascountrydud | 6/30/2004
I for one like the D/F# better. Great tab!
-rawood | 7/26/2004
hey nice job there....i saw them live at the pier in austin a couple weeks ago and they played this song...i love ccr
-ryanryno | 8/4/2004
Hey Bogie, just curious to what you thought... I listened to
the song and it sound like does another Am, Asus2 transfer at
the end of each verse leading up to the chorus. All the
other lines he just goes Am to Asus2 twice, but when he's
going into the chorus it sounds like he does it once or
twice more. Just wondering....
-SMERSH4346 | 8/17/2004

-Dobbs8990 | 1/6/2005
Great song...good tab....will definitely play it with the D/F# because it sounds just as good in my opinion...
-soona63 | 1/13/2005
I think the lyric goes "damn frustrated" instead of "down and frustrated"
In my opinion anyway.

Love Everybody
-crazycowgirl21 | 3/15/2005
Can anyone post the harmonica tab for this song?
-trav4freedom | 7/27/2005
Lee Ann Womack...I knew that voice sounded familiar...Again, CCR is totally bad ass!
-bbt0003 | 2/13/2006
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