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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sister (Chord)
Album: Garage (2005)
Submitter: MSpears2005 (0) on 7/31/05 13 comments
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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sister

Intro - D  C  G

  D                        C       G      D             C  G
I used to get stoned on my sisters record collection
         D                         C             G     D       C  G
gold and platinum on vinyl was the closest thing to perfection
G                         D            G                          D
rock and roll, acoustic guitar, not even comfortable with who you are
    G                         A           C  G
i'd blow the roof if I had a fast car

D  C  G

  D                     C            G      D     C  G
I changed my mind in my best friends el camino
     D                 C      G            D      C  G
You blew my drums that summer night in el reno
G              D          G          D
turnin up the STP, turnin down the LSD
     G                                            A      C  G
on a bottle of booze and the best of his cousins weed

        D                      C            G
What if I was the one that you warned me about
D                             C        G
you were the one who needs to come around
D                      C           G  A                    C    G
we got together and we worked it out, no one could shut us down
      D                    C      G
If it all dried up and it blew away
        D                       C       G
with a hand full of checks on a rainy day
    D                    C            G     A                   C   G
would you turn around or would you stay, it wouldn't matter anyway

D  C  G

What if I decided to take the nation
break the knob just so I could feel the frustration
turn it up till it hits top speed, rock and roll is all I need
When you bear your heart, you better be prepared to bleed


  D                        C       G      D            C  G
I used to get stoned on my sisters record collection 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
where did you hear this

-wildbill2003 | 8/4/2005
this is off there new record "After All" pretty close some wrong lyrics.
-colbyhale | 8/4/2005
The new cd will be called "Garage", and yea there were some parts that I just couldnt figure out the lyrics so I put what I thought it sounded like.
-MSpears2005 | 8/5/2005
where did you hear garage as the title? The copy I have has it as after all
-colbyhale | 8/5/2005
Shannon (Cody's Wife) posted at Galleywinter that the title will be Garage and there is also a story about it on
-MSpears2005 | 8/6/2005
its a good song, i heard him play it at his 4/20 concert at texas state along with about 8 other new ones, the new cd is gonna be kickass but all of their cds are kickass..does anyone know when its gonna be released? thanks yall
-hyperlite380 | 8/9/2005
o ok i found it, its due oct 4th

-hyperlite380 | 8/9/2005
this is the ccr i-squad:
-gregcearley | 8/11/2005
on the intro, i think cody uses power chords, then for the verses and chorus, he switches to the regular chords
-RagweedisNo.1 | 8/27/2005

-lmofle | 9/17/2005
on the second half of the verses the chords should be G D C D instead of G D G D
-agentorange | 10/10/2005
Does anyone else notice the simialarities (melodically) between this song and cold hearted woman? mainly I'm talking about the last line of the chorus. it feels like he should sing "cold hearted woman" at the end of the chorus. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
-pickerfromWACO | 11/6/2005
I thought the second verse started with "going platinum on vinyl"
-themaneverybody | 11/18/2005
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