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Crystal Gayle - I値l Do It All Over Again (Chord)
Album: Certified Hits (2001)
Submitter: Ray Terry (53) on 4/14/09
Month Views: 313 | Total Views: 19,003
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I'll Do It All Over again
Crystal Gale
Album: Certified Hits  

Intro: D-Bm-A-G-Em-A-D-C#-Bm-A-G-D

D                    A
Was I right, was I wrong?
    G                  A          
A little too weak, a little too strong?
        D          A
Was it him, was it me?
G                         A
  Oh, I guess I'll never know

             D               A   
Well, you're up then you're down
G                         A
Oh, but the world keeps turnin' around
          D       A
Ain't it hard to find
 G            A      D 
Somethin' to hang on to?


D                    Bm
But I know that my heart will mend
       G              Em
And I know that I'll smile again
          D          Bm       A 
I'll get back on my feet and then
     G          D
I'll do it all over again

Instrumental: D-Bm-A-G-Em  D-Bm-A-G-A-D

D                        A
Some you lose, some you win
          G                   A
They say that's the way it's always been
            D              A
First you laugh, then you cry
G                         A
  Oh, but I guess that's life

        D            A
So you live and you learn
      G                      A
And never look back at the bridges you burned
          D         A
And you change somehow
            G         A     D
Oh, I'm a little bit wiser now

(Repeat chorus 2x)

     G          D
I'll do it all over again

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