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Darius Rucker - Don't (Chord)
Album: When Was The Last Time (2017)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (629) on 11/8/17
Month Views: 149 | Total Views: 8,180
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Written by A.J. Babcock, Adam Doleac, Pete Good
Recorded by Darius Rucker

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(G) |(C) |(Em) |(D)

If you think (G) I could ever go a day without you,(C) five minutes without thinkin' about you
(Em) Donft (D)
And if you won-(G)der if it scares me, thinkin' a-(C)bout forever with you, baby
I can (Em)tell you, baby, it donft, (D) oh

(G) 'Cause every single morninf, (C) my eyes fall open on you
(Em) It's like my dreams keep goin' (D)on and on and on, it don't
(G) Matter what we're doinf, (C) as long as I'm with you, and
(Em) I can't imagine anything, (D) I couldn't love you through
The (C)bad days, there's gonna be (D)mistakes
But, baby, I'm (C)here to stay and if you think (D)that could change

Donft, (G) stop makin' me late for work, (C)wakin' me up without sayin' a word
(Em) Ooh, donft (D)
'Cause when you (G)whisper in my ear, every-(C)thing I wanna hear
I know you (Em)know, I need to go, but you're the (D)reason that I donft

Repeat Chorus

(G) (C) Oh, baby, donft (Em) (D)
Oh, and (C)if you ever wonder
If (D)I regret the day I said, "I (Em)do,h (D) don't

Repeat Chorus

Donft (G) (C) (Em) (D)
Baby, donft (G) (C) Don't you think I donft, (Em) oh, yeah, (D) I know

Outro.:  |(G) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(G) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(G) - - - - - 
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