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Darius Rucker - Drinkin' And Dialin' (Chord)
Album: Learn To Live (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (649) on 2/1/09 1 comment
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Drinkin' And Dialin'
Written by Chris DuBois Ashley Gorley & Darius Rucker
Recorded by Darius Rucker

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  (D)   (G)  x 4

Last (D)thing I re-(G)member, I met the (D/F#)boys down at the (G)jamma
We had a few beers, (A) and a few (D)shots
I (D)woke up the (G)next day with (D/F#)cotton mouth and a (G)headache
tryin' to con-(A)nect all the (D)dots

Starin' (Bm)up at the ceilin', I got (G)that funny feelin'
Looked (D)over and I, I (A)saw my ex-girl-(D)friend
I (G)felt like a (A)fool, and (D)that''s when I knew (E)
I'd been (G)drinkin' and (A)dialin' a-(D)gain

So the (G)next time you (A)think I've had (D)too much to drink
and you (G)tell me I (A)shouldn't drive (D)home
When (G)you take my (A)keys, oh I'm (D)beggin' you please (E)
(A)Go on take my cell (D)phone

Cause (D)I have been (G)known after (D/F#)tyin' one on(G) 
to call up a (A)couple old (D)friends
(G)Tell 'em that I (A)love 'em, or (D)maybe don't (E)cuss 'em
when I'm (G)drinkin' and (A)dialin' a-(D)gain

Inst.:  (G)   (A)   (D)   (E/F#)   (G)   (A)   (D)

So the (G)next time you (A)think I've had (D)too much to drink
and you (G)tell me I (A)should not drive (D)home
Oh when (G)you take my (A)keys, oh I'm (D)beggin you (E)please
(A)Go on take my cell (D)phone

If (D)you've ever (A)heard me (D)slurrin' my words (A)
on your (D)voice mail a-(A)round 4 a.m. (D)
You'll (G)have to forgive me, (A) and (D/F#)blame it on my (G)whiskey
I was drinkin' and (A)dialin' a-(Bm)gain (E)

I've been (G)drinkin' and (A)dialin' again

Outro.:  (D)   (G)   (D)   (G)   (D)   (G)   (D)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Overall its pretty good...There are a few corrections that need to be made. The most obvious is that all of the Am's should be A's and there are a few places at the end of the verses where D's should be replaced with either an A chord of G chord. You just have to mess around with it to figure out exactly what goes where.
-jshrade2 | 2/2/2009
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