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Darius Rucker - Learn To Live (intro And Chords) (Chord)
Album: Learn To Live (2008)
Submitter: harley_guy (0) on 5/9/09 2 comments
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The intro is palm muted at times and only played on the bottom three strings. 
After you do this twice, it goes into the chord progression twice. You'll have 
to listen to the song a few times to get the feel for it. Special thanks to 
LiveItUp0619 for the chords. I went ahead and changed it a little to where I 
think it's absolutely correct.

Learn To Live  Darius Rucker

INTRO: e-3-3-2-3-3-0- (2x)    G D Cadd9 C (2X)
G       D              Cadd9        C
Grandpa Campbell would sit upon his front porch
G          D                Cadd9          C
And I'd be right there just sittin' on his knee
G         D             Cadd9              C
He'd tell stories about love and feast and famine
G            D          Cadd9              C  
And I'd hang onto every word that he would breathe
A                    C
He'd say boy as you walk through this life
A                       C               D
Here's a little wisdom that'll help you get by

          G       D
You gotta live to learn
          Cadd9     C
You gotta crash and burn
          G         D
You gotta make some stances
    Cadd9     C
And take some chances
          G        D
You gotta live and love
         Cadd9           A
And take all life has to give
          C        G      D
You gotta live and learn
So you can learn to live

Well I left home and I went to Carolina
I didn't sail off just to see what I could see
I did some things that I wasn't really proud of
Sometimes life just got the best of me
But I'd always think back to those days
And I know what Grandpa Campbell would say
He'd say


After years of running round and searching
I found me a woman who loves me just for me
All those mistakes I thought that I was making
Led me right here to you sittin' on my knee
Son as you walk through this life
Here's a little wisdom that will help you get by

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Plug in an Em where you have the Cadd9... see how you like it....
-dmbfan4eva | 9/17/2009
sounds perfect with Em. thnx
-calkins88 | 1/22/2010
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