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Darius Rucker - Learn To Live (Chord)
Album: Learn To Live (2008)
Submitter: LiveItUp0619 (1) on 4/29/09
Month Views: 121 | Total Views: 10,133
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***Note:  I'm not entirely sure on the chord progression but
this sounds close enough for beginners, of which I am one***

INTRO: G-D-Cadd9-C-G-D-Cadd9-C

G       D              Cadd9        C
Grandpa campbell would sit upon his front porch
G          D                Cadd9         C
And I'd be right there just sittin on his knee
G         D             Cadd9              C
He'd tell stories about love and feast and famine
G            D          Cadd9              C  
And I'd hang onto every word that he would breathe
A                    Cadd9
He'd say boy as you walk through this life
A                       Cadd9               D
Here's a little wisdom that'll help you get by

          G       D
You gotta live to learn
          Cadd9     C
You gotta crash and burn
          G         D
You gotta make some stances
    Cadd9     C
And take some chances
          G        D
You gotta live and love
         Cadd9           A
And take all life has to give
          Cadd9    G      D
You gotta live and learn
So you can learn to live

Well i left home and i went to carolina
I didn't sail off just to see what i could see
I did some things that i wasn't really proud of
Sometimes life just got the best of me
But i'd always think back to those days
And i know what grandmpa campbell would say
He'd say


After years of running round and searching
I found me a woman who loves me just for me
All those mistakes i thought that i was making
Led me right here to you sittin' on my knee
Son as you walk through this life
Here's a little wisdom that will help you get by

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