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Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel (Chord)
Album: True Believers (213)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (188) on 2/7/13 14 comments
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Wagon Wheel
Written by Bob Dylan & Jay Secor
Recorded by Darius Rucker
Album: True Believers (2013)

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G) |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(C) |(C) |

(G)Headin' down south to the (D)land of the pines, I'm (Em)thumbin' my way into (C)North Caroline
(G)Starin' up the road and (D)pray to God I see (C)headlights
I (G)made it down the coast in (D)seventeen hours, (Em)pickin' me a bouquet of (C)dogwood flowers
And I'm a-(G)hopin' for Raleigh, I can (D)see my baby tonight (C)

So (G)rock me, momma, like a (D)wagon wheel, (Em)rock me, momma, any (C)way you feel
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me
(G)Rock me, momma, like the (D)wind and the rain, (Em)rock me, momma, like a (C)south bound train
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me

Inst.:  |(G) |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(C) |(C) |

(G)Runnin' from the cold (D)up in New England, I was (Em)born to be a fiddler in an (C)old time string band
My (G)baby plays a guitar, (D) I pick a banjo (C)now
Oh, (G)north country winters keep a-(D)gettin' me down
Lost my (Em)money playin' poker so I (C)had to leave town
But I (G)ain't a-turnin' back to livin' that (D)old life (C)no more

So (G)rock me, momma, like a (D)wagon wheel, (Em)rock me, momma, any (C)way you feel
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me
(G)Rock me, momma, like the (D)wind and the rain, (Em)rock me, momma, like a (C)south bound train
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me

Inst.:  |(G) |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(G) |(D) |(C) |(C) |

(G)Walkin' to the south (D)out of Roanoke, I caught a (Em)trucker out of Philly had a (C)nice long toke
But (G)he's a headin' west from the (D)Cumberland gap to (C)Johnson City, Tennessee
I (G)gotta get a move on (D)before the sun
I hear my (Em)baby callin' my name and I (C)know that she's the only one
And (G)if I died in Raleigh at (D)least I will die (C) free

So (G)rock me, momma, like a (D) wagon wheel, (Em)rock me, momma, any (C)way you feel
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me
Oh, (G)rock me momma like the (D)wind and the rain, (Em)rock me, momma, like a (C)south bound train
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock me

Oh, (G)rock me, momma, like a (D)wagon wheel, (Em)rock me, momma, any (C)way you feel
(G)Hey (D) momma, (C)rock, momma rock me, momma rock me
(G)Rock me, momma, like the (D)wind and the rain, (Em)I wanna roll like a (C)south bound train
(G)Hey yea (D)yeah, momma, (C) you gonna rock me, rock me

Outro.:  |(G)(D)|(Em)(C)|(G) ----- fade
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Please check out Old Crow Medicine Show "Wagon Wheel". It is a much better version of the song.
-jordanphil | 2/7/2013
If you're gonna be a snob and give credit to other artists on this tab, at least give the original song writer a shout. Bob Dylan, bro. Posers...
-kilpt894 | 3/14/2013
Now I listened Old Crow Medicine Show's. I love it as well. Darius has his own taste. Bob Dylan's is just unfinished.
-Koichi Kondo | 3/14/2013
I think you did a great job on the chord progression, it's also identical to the Bob Dylan version and the Old Crow Medicine Show
-josephbialczak | 4/11/2013
I think it's funny when people start complaining about someone remaking a song when the whole reason they are here is so they can learn to sing and play it! Guess what, most of the songs on the charts are not written by the artist who are singing them. I think Darius did a great job with this song and fact that it went #1 tells me a lot of other people did too.
-BrianEarlHaines | 4/24/2013
Let's just say any other version is better than darius rucker. Rucker should just go back to blowin fish. His country thing got oold real quick.
-mikedkola | 5/11/2013
Good Job Darius. Amazing how many idiots show up here to comment.
-diverden | 5/21/2013
I love Old Crow Medicine Show's version, but Darius does a great job too. He is very talented and has had more success with the song than OCMS. They performed it together at the Grand Ole Opry so trying to pit them against each other is ridiculous. What I would like to find is a tab for a harmonica version of the violin intro and solo.
-jflato | 6/12/2013
To the guy who sat there and said the original version is better:
First off, you either A) searched these chords to learn this version, or B) searched it so you could leave a comment about how you like the original better. Honestly, Darius Rucker is a great musician from the same state I'm from and I couldn't be happier to have someone like him help represent the state of South Carolina. To be frank, he is makin millions upon millions of dollars doing something he loves and has a passion for. Many people, including me, love his music. You're just one of the few who doesn't, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't keep Darius awake at night! Have a good day!
-SouthernChick14 | 7/5/2013
it will always be a Old Crow song..... Rucker blows

-nitro1967 | 8/5/2013
im not a big Rucker fan an when i heard he redone a great song like Wagon Wheel i was like "omg really hes gonna ruin it" but to my surprise i loved it he did a really good job on it!!
-amberwilliams31 | 8/31/2013
Ok, to make a correction on a previous comment...Bob Dylan did NOT write the song! Only the chorus. It was an unfinished sample. Ketch Secor of OCMS wrote all of the verses. Both versions are good. I like them both, though OCMS' version I think is better.
-jteeters | 3/19/2014
I know country songs have long been insestual, but i was very disheartened when i found out "hootie" covered it....and got more praise... just goes to show how shallow mainstream popcuntry is. 9 out of 10 people i talk to think he wrote it and have no idea who old crow is. Hell, its number 10, top songs, on this very website!
-johndeadver | 9/5/2014
I'm with kilbit894 Bob Dylan deserves credit, I'll admit it WAS unfinished but it was still a great song by Dylan, I wish it could've been in the young guns movie!
-Dreadnaughtguitar | 1/4/2015
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