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David Lee Murphy - Genuine Rednecks (Chord)
Submitter: buffdixie (23) on 9/29/03 1 comment
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David Lee Murphy - Genuine Rednecks 

     D                        D7
Well I know my place, and I'm not ashamed to say it
   G                         E
No darlin', it even makes me proud
           G                           D
If there's one place I know, where I'm never alone
E                         A
It's where I feel most at home.

                       D        (Stop)            D
It's in a room full of real live Genuine Rednecks
Bonafide backwood misfits
Goodtimin' hillbilly lunatics
With cold beer, and jukebox music
I don't like crowds, but this one's mine
      G                (Stop)    D        G D G 
Cause everybody here is, Genuine Rednecks.

D                     G    D              G   
Well darlin' right or wrong, where I do belong
D                    G             D   A B Db 
It don't come with a crystal chandelier
D                       G    D             G
I'd have to go out on a limb, to say I fit in
D                   G          D          Db B 
With all the social high class atmosphere
Why we could slip out the back door, and find my pickup truck
G                            A
Darlin' I'm just wishin' I was, in the middle of.


D                G     D                    G
Now there may be those, who look down their nose
D      G         D    A B Db
At the company I keep
                       G    D               G
Oh but just to let you know, as good people go
D                 G                   D   Db B 
If you don't like them you won't like me
You might find the front door, propped open wide
G                                     A
But you'll know you've been somewhere, when you’ve been inside.


D        G D       G D        G D       G             D
Good time, bonafide, real live, Genuine, full blooded Rednecks. 

?'s buffdixie at 
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Hell yeah! David rocks and you got this one right on!
-goatjrmusic | 10/4/2003
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