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Deric Ruttan - I Saved Everything (Chord)
Album: Deric Ruttan (2003)
Submitter: Shantel (69) on 2/13/05
Month Views: 8 | Total Views: 2,585
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I Saved Everything - Deric Ruttan

Intro: C  F/D  C/E  F/D (x2)

      C               F/D       C/E       F/D
In a drawer there's a key to an old wooden box
           C       F/D      C/E        C           Bb   Dm
Sometimes Jesus and me sit down and unlock another time
When you were mine
      C            F/D       C/E           F/D
Rose petals in the middle a piece a baby's breath
    C           F/D          C/E              C
A single white feather, you found the day we met 
            Bb   Dm         C  
You said it came,  from an angel's wing

         C                         F/D
I saved everything that ever meant anything
         C/E                F              G
Precious moments in time I kept them all alive
       C                 F/D
These pieces of the past take me back 
       C/E                   F
To the greatest love I ever knew
Bb            Dm         C  F/D  C/E  F/D
I saved everything, but you

         C           F/D               C/E           F/D
In the early part of Autumn, you were slipping out a reach
       C             F/D           C/E              C          
I was running out of options, so I went to see the preacher 
        Bb    Dm
And we prayed
Lord take her chains away
       C               F/D     C/E               F/D
And I never stopped believing, right up till the end
        C                F/D         
I know God must have his reasons
    C/E                 C                  Bb   Dm    
But nothing makes much sense with out you here
There's only souvenirs


    C           F/D        C/E               C
A single white feather, I found the day you left 
            Bb   Dm          C  
I know it came,     from an angel's wing

Bb  =   x13331(bar chord) or xx3331
C   =   x32010
C/E =   xx2010
Dm  =   xx0231
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
F/D =   xx0211 

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