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Diamond Rio - I Believe (Chord)
Album: Completely (2002)
Submitter: WildCard76 (35) on 11/14/02 4 comments
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Diamond Rio
From the CD: Completely
Arista Records, 2002
Submitted by: Christopher Rolen

Intro: (Bb) (F/A) (Gm) (F) (Eb) (F) 

(Bb) Every now and then
Soft as (F/A) breath upon my skin
I (Gm) feel you come back again (F)
And, it's (D#) like you haven't been
Gone a (Bb) moment from my side
Like the (F) tears were never cried
Like the (Gm) hands of time were (D#) holding you (Fsus) and (F) me
And with (Bb) all my heart I'm sure
We're closer (F/A) than we ever were
I don't (Gm) have to hear or see
I've got (D#) all the proof I need
There are (Bb) more than angels watching over (Fsus) (F)
I (D#) believe...(F) I believe (Bb) (F) 

Now, when you (Bb) die your life goes on
It doesn't (F) end here when you're gone
Every (Gm) soul is filled with light
It (F) never (D#) ends, and if I'm right
Our love can (Bb) even reach across etern(Fsus)ity (F)
I (D#) believe...(F) I believe (Bb)

  (G#) Forever you're a (D#/G) part of me
  (Bb) Forever in the (F) heart of me
  I will (G#) hold you even (D#) longer if I (F) can 
  Oh, the (G#) people who don't (D#/G) see the most
  (Bb) Say that I be(F)lieve in ghosts
  And (G#) if that makes me (D#/G) crazy, then I (F) am
  Cause, I (Bb) believe

(Bb)     (F/A)     (Gm)    (F)   (D#)

(D#/F) There are (Bb) more than angels watching o(Fsus)ver (F) me
I (D#) believe...(F) I believe (Bb) (F) (D#) (F)

(Bb) Every now and then
Soft as (F) breath upon my skin
I (Gm) feel you come back aga(F)in
(D#)(hold note)     (Fsus) and....I believe

---end on (Bb)---

This is by far the greatest song that Diamond Rio has ever recorded. 
I dedicate this tablature to Anna Mae and Kellie.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I appreciate this tab. It is much appreciated during this period of loss
in my family
-eliasjoseph | 4/25/2003
Thanks so much for posting this song. I agree it is Diamond Rio's
best yet. (Who knew they'd be so good even WITHOUT Marty Roe)! For
all those who can relate to these lyrics the way I can....God Bless!!
-kellie mosher | 4/28/2003
I just now noticed that there were comments on this tab.
Thank you both for being so nice, and I totally understand how this song could hit-home with someone.
-WildCard76 | 9/13/2003
good work on the song...this is my first time ive made a comment lol.Is it in the original key?... thnxs again...keep tabbing
-sewage1 | 11/4/2003
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