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Dierks Bentley - What Was I Thinkin' (Chord)
Album: What Was I Thinkin' (2003)
Submitter: WildCard76 (112) on 4/25/03 12 comments
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Dierks Bentley
CD: Dierks Bentley
2003, Capitol Nashville

Capo I Fret  

Intro : (E)  (C)  (D)   (A)

(E) Becky was a beauty from South Alabam'
Her (C) daddy had a heart like a 9-pound hammer
(D) Think he even did a little time in the slammer
(A7) What was I thinkin'
She (E) snuck out one night and met me by the front gate
Her (C) daddy came out wavin' that 12-gauge
(D) Tore out of the drive, he peppered my tailgate
(A7) What was I thinkin'
I (B5) knew there'd be hell to pay
But, that crossed my mind a little too (B) late

   Cause I was (E) thinkin' 'bout a (Bm) little white (A) tank top
   (G) Sittin' right (E) there in the (Bm) middle by (A) me 
   I was (E) thinkin' 'bout a (Bm) long kiss 
   (A) Man just (G) gotta get
   (E) Goin' where the (D) night might (A) lead
   I (B5) know what I was feelin' (D)   (A)
   But, what was I th(E)inkin' (C)  (D)  (A)

By the (E) county line, the cop's were nippin' on my heels
(C) Pulled off the road, kicked it in 4-wheel
(D) Shut off the lights, tore through a corn field
(A7) What was I thinkin'
From the (E) other side, she was hollerin' "faster"
(C) Took a dirt road, had the radio blastin'
(D) Hit the honky tonk for a little close dancin'
(A7) What was I thinkin'
Oh, I (B) knew there'd be hell to pay
But, that crossed my mind a little too (E) late

Repeat Chorus

Solo: (E5)  (F#)  (B7)  (F#)  (C)  (D)  (E5)  (E5)

When a (E) mountain of a man with a 'Born To Kill' tattoo
Tr(C)ied to cut in, I knocked out his front tooth
(D) Ran outside, hood-slidin' like Bo Duke
(A7) What was I thinkin'
(E) Finally got her home at half past 2 - late
Her (C) daddy, in a lawn chair, sittin' on the driveway
(D) Put it in park, and he started my way
(A7) What was I thinkin'
Oh...(G) what was I thinkin'
(C) What was I thinkin'

Then she (B5) gave a come-and-get-me grin
Like a bullet, we were gone a(B)gain 

Repeat Chorus

(Ad lib and fade out...)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
You just made a fool of yourself. You have no
tabs and this guy has a freaking lot. He is one
of the best tabbers on the site buddy. Just
shutup I mean he puts time and energy into tabs
to help people and you tell him he sucks. When
you have no tabs does that make any sense? Just
Shut Up.
-yinielin | 8/15/2003
Forget it, guys. When people make comments like that, it shows their maturity.
-WildCard76 | 8/17/2003
I know you said forget it but I gotta take a
stab at this guy too.....grow up man. I
hate reading comments like these on good tabs.
-cmtboy | 8/21/2003
to everyone that said this is a bad tab, how about ya'll get off of your lazy asses and try to make your own tabs. but no!!!!!!you cant tab, you prob cant even read music. I bet your not the best guitar player also.
-KG4KFJ | 9/27/2003
Well, I sure do appreciate all of the support! Nice to know that my time is well spent.
-WildCard76 | 10/3/2003
hell, I thought it sounded good when I
played it, it is a little hard to read how
it is written, but who am I to say anything.
thanx for the hard work and good music
-vinnie_sneider | 10/21/2003
it sounds great! the only thing that i might change is in the chours, instead of going to the G stay on A. thanks a lot for the tab
-ben_fxr50 | 12/11/2003
WildCard76..not commenting on your tab but can you do us older folks a fav and put the chords on top of the text please..just to make it easier for us guy's with glasses..

-WayneXG95 | 4/20/2004
i don't care what anybody else says this tab is good stuff. I'm just a begginer and I like how you put the cords in through the whole song that's hard to come by. hope to see more from you.
-kps11 | 1/14/2005
Well...I aint seen nothin wrong...mayube it's me but sounds like a good tab
-speed2345 | 1/18/2005
When you put the chords 'in' the song
vs. on top of the lines, it's nearly
impossible to have alignment problems.
I have tried both ways of tabbing,
and find that this is easier.
-WildCard76 | 2/7/2005
If you and palami0 had collaborated and posted one version of this song, I think it would be perfect. I like your use of the B5, but I think you should try using A instead of A7. Just my opinion.
-tpmadden | 3/19/2009
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